Palin and McCain Inciting Hate

11 10 2008

I read the news, heard the speeches, checked both sides and I am disgusted. Both Palin and McCain are making allegations that are inciting hate. When politicians make an allegation it is usually distorted and out of context, but these speaches as of late calling Obama a terrorist are grossly irresponsible, what did they think would happen? Their supporters are calling for Obama’s head, this is outrageous. I am not for Obama, But I feel they have crossed the line. If a crazy lunatic comes out and does something crazy, they ought to be held responsible, both of them!

If this is a sample of how they would run the country, I don’t want them in the white house.


Is this really tolerance?

1 10 2008

I attended a meeting aimed at asking for Steve Bizzell the Sheriff of Johnston County to resign because of the comments that he made. Here are excerpt of his interview:

 Bizzell is a farm boy so steeped in traditional American culture that he won’t even eat spaghetti, much less a taco. Since becoming sheriff a decade ago, he has watched a Hispanic influx change the rural landscape of his home county. Its population is now 11 percent Hispanic. 

These mostly undocumented workers have helped build a new economy, fueling a construction boom and harvesting most of the county’s crops. But some residents of this once insular place see them as a threat, opening Spanish-speaking businesses, crowding hospitals and schools, even monopolizing aisles at Wal-Mart. 

Bizzell has emerged as the face of the backlash. 

But to travel with Bizzell is to understand not only the anger, but also the ambivalence that surrounds an intensifying crackdown on illegal immigrants.

In one breath, he condemns illegal immigrants for “breeding like rabbits” Read the rest of this entry »