What I have learned

10 10 2010

I recently quitted my job and I had a weird exit interview. Needless to say, I was my polite self and did not say what was on my mind, partly out of respect for my elders, partly because I knew by experience that whatever I said would not make a difference and because the “boss” could still cause trouble for me (self-preservation)

I was asked by somebody in the company to talk about my “diversity experience”  and this got me thinking of what would I say. So I will share with you, what I did not share with them.

I had to think hard because I felt betrayed when I realized I had been lied, used and manipulated for a long time. For those of you that have read since the beginning  you may know my struggles to understand the racial make up of this country and I happen to end up working in the eye of a racial storm; it felt like that to me. I was overwhelmed and naive.

I can say I learned a lot, I acquired new skills, I learned how to navigate the company and I grew as a person. I had some good times when I thought I belonged and had friends, untill they turned out to be using me as a political/racial pawn.

I learned what it felt to be discriminated against because of  my perceived/assigned race. By my coworkers and the clients we served. I was excluded because I was not of the appropriate race, I constantly hear racially charged comments against Latinos, Asians but the favorite was the evil White people. Many times some of our clients were rude, would not speak to me or reject me all together because they thought I was white.

I learned that racism is not Read the rest of this entry »


Is this really tolerance?

1 10 2008

I attended a meeting aimed at asking for Steve Bizzell the Sheriff of Johnston County to resign because of the comments that he made. Here are excerpt of his interview:

 Bizzell is a farm boy so steeped in traditional American culture that he won’t even eat spaghetti, much less a taco. Since becoming sheriff a decade ago, he has watched a Hispanic influx change the rural landscape of his home county. Its population is now 11 percent Hispanic. 

These mostly undocumented workers have helped build a new economy, fueling a construction boom and harvesting most of the county’s crops. But some residents of this once insular place see them as a threat, opening Spanish-speaking businesses, crowding hospitals and schools, even monopolizing aisles at Wal-Mart. 

Bizzell has emerged as the face of the backlash. 

But to travel with Bizzell is to understand not only the anger, but also the ambivalence that surrounds an intensifying crackdown on illegal immigrants.

In one breath, he condemns illegal immigrants for “breeding like rabbits” Read the rest of this entry »

What does it mean to be/act Asian?

13 05 2008

Happy Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage month!!!

 Asian American Heritage

This one is another biggie. Asians who are they and what does it mean to act Asian?

For starters Asians come from many countries all with different cultures. Yes, some of them have similarities, but they are different cultures nontheless. When People think of Asian they rarely think about Indians or Iraqis for example.

I have a friend from Korea that explains that the Korean-American culture is very different from the Korean culture and that she would not consired them Koreans, ‘they are Americans’, she says.

Asian and Asian-Americans can be of Filipino, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian descent and more, why lump them all together prentending like they are all the same, when they are not.

Here is a map that showes all the countries that comprise the Asian continent.

Map os Asia


   Here are some Asian stereotypes, Please contribute your own:

  • Asians are smart, specially in math ans science.
  • they don’t speak English
  • they are all foreigners. People with Asian features are often asked where are they from, just because they have Asian features, they are assumed from elsewhere.
  • Shy and modest, but at the same time
  • Overly sexual (Geisha)
  • They all have dry cleaning business or restaurant
  • for Idians, they are taking all tech jobs
  • they all practive martial arts
  • Asians are all Chinese

As I said in my latest post I don’t know what it means to act Asian (well I am not) but I learned that there are lables for those minorities that “act White”, Oreo cookie for African Americans, Coconut for Latinos and Twinkies for Asians…here is the proof



What does it mean to be Latino/Hispanic?

7 05 2008

Following up with my previous post, changing subjects.

 What does it mean to be Latino/Hispanic? If you live in Latin America, well I never thought about it, really. To be a Latino in the US, well that is entirely different. 

How are Latinos really supposed to look? As someone commented in my last post, Latinos come in all shapes and sizes, skin colors…etc. We also come from different cultures. No one knows what a Latino is really supposed to look like. I have been told I don’t look Latina enough because I “look white”.

 I have found that people like to generalize; I guess it makes it easier if you lump all into one neat category. Saying that all Latinos are the same is like saying that all Asians are the same or have the same culture.

 In the US there is a set of stereotypes assigned to Latinos… I am still trying to figure it all out. I can tell you some of the things that I have heard:

  • All Latinos  speak Spanish, and they don’t speak English.
  • Latinos are all Mexican. There are more countries south of the border.
  • All Latinos are in construction, landscaping, or are maids.
  • Latinos only like to party (actual statement in a job interview) a duality with the next one,
  • Latinos are hard workers
  • Temperamental
  • Irresponsible
  • All take a siesta (nap)
  • Overly sexual
  • All eat spicy food
  • All can dance
  • All Illegal
  • All Latinos are part of a gang
  • If you speak with a Spanish accent, then you must be unintelligent.

Latino Stereotypes

Because the ethnic and racial designations are labels, they fail to express the multiple facets of the person, it places people in a box with parameters they are supposed to accommodate. I have to explain that the Latino culture of the US is unfamiliar to me. It is very different from my own culture. So I usually don’t fall in the “Latina Box”.

I have been told that I am a woman of color and as such I have to take sides with one group or another, but how can I?  I am a mix of all races. Taking sides would imply denying parts of my self. I am Black, white, native, green (hey my grandmother said so) and I am proud of all those.

I am glad that I moved here as an adult, because I am better equipped to deal with this.

Most of the Latino population where I live is immigrant, so I never encounter the “you do not act Latino enough”, I think this is because none of us knows what that means. But I learned that there is something called a coconut…Brown on the outside white on the inside. This is used for Latinos that act white. I also learned that African Americans are called Oreo cookies and Asians are called Twinkies.

How are Latinos supposed to Act? What Does it mean to act Latino?

Alien Migration

15 04 2008


There has been talk about earth being visited by aliens, are they real or aren’t they?


These aliens seem to be vacationing, what if they want to migrate here?


Where would be the official port of entry? What type of ID are we going to ask for? Do they have and intergalactic passport? Is that passport good for the US, how about Europe? Do they need visas?


So many questions flood my mind. Do we need them to be vaccinated against our diseases or theirs? What if they have a disease that makes us grow a third boob, get a bigger head or grow a second bellybutton? What do we do? Get another piercing so both bellybuttons match?


How do we know that they are aliens? Can they pass? A lot of people pass for white or African American, maybe they could too, and blend in… How are we going to discriminate against them if we can’t tell them apart?


What if they want our jobs? What if they are smarter than we are? What if the smell funny when they get wet? What if they don’t know how to drive? What would happen to the air traffic, are we going to have air traffic jams because they drive too slow?


Ohh no! what if they don’t speak English? would we need bilingual Alien education? Are the phone messaged going to say ‘press 1 for English, 2 para Español, 3 #r%Y&U(J()R%E’.


What if they are like Latinos and have more than one race? Would the census be? Mark all that applies:

·        Human

o       White

o       African American/Black

o       Asian

o       American Indian or Alaska Native

o       Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

o       Two or more races

o       Hispanic or Latino of any race

§ White Hispanic

§ Black Hispanic

§ American Indian and Alaska Native Hispanic

§ Asian Hispanic

§ Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander

§ Some other race

§ Two or more races

·        Alien of any race

o       White Alien

o       Black Alien

o       American Indian and Alaska Native Alien

o       Asian Alien

o      Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alien

o       Some other race

o       Two or more races



What if they have two hearts? Once they get used to our food they would tax our health systems even more, “he has been eating too many BigMac’s he had a double heart atack!!!”




I can just see our way of life going down the tube, people that look different and speak different, strange food, different languages spoken, mixed marriages, new religions (making accommodations for other religions) What if the bring alien drugs or Alien gangs? Aliens always have gangs.




Well on the bright side, we could have a new scapegoat, someone to blame for our ills; we could crack down on space illegals on election year…yeahhh…




Aliens waiting


What is up with U.S. women?

18 03 2008

Since I have been here I have hear people talk about women as being selfish, only interested in the money, conniving. I have heard of friends trying to steal their “friend’s” man, and even their sister’s man?!?!?!

I refuse to believe that all of this is true.

I hear talk of the men code; I grew up with a women code. You never get involved with your friend or sister’s boyfriend, husband, significant other… Never!!

I hear people talking about women only interested in how much money the man makes, how good he looks, and how much she can get from him?!?!?!

The worse part is that I hear women saying that. This makes me wonder, is it that there are different value systems, or this is a gross generalization and there is only a few act like that.

It has been difficult for me to make female friends here; the cultural differences have hindered that a lot. I came to the realization that all of my female friends are either foreign born or first generation born here. Some of these friends have expressed a similar concern and also of being difficult making male friends without some assumption that there is going to be sex involved. One friend asked me, ‘do US women sleep with all their friends’?

I have two great friends from cultures that could seem opposite to mine, one is from Korea and one from Japan; but our core values seem to be the same or very similar.

I get teased because I enjoy cooking for my husband, because I love spoiling him by being affectionate. Because I believe he is a man and not my property and therefore can choose to do what he wants and not require my “permission”. I have met women that would only cook for themselves, or wash their own dish, but never their husband’s…

I want your input on this, is it a gross distorted stereotype or is it true?

Men is this true??  Women is this true??

Immigration Issues

28 01 2008

In my last post I touched on an alledge Hispanic-Latino conspiracy… here is the proof.

This a satirical view of those fears that I spoke about in my last blog. I love this sketch. I would love to save it, but don’t know how. If anybody knows, please tell…Thanks


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