Voting is not secret!!

15 11 2008

I am surprised and outraged. I thought voting was secret, but it is not!!

When I went to vote for these recent elections I had to fill out a form with my name and address, then they wrote the ballot number on that form, after I was done filling out my ballot they took out a strip with the ballot number and attached it to the form with my information, and then they recorded both in a book.

Where is the secret? The did not see what I wrote but they can easily find out!! it is outrageous!!

After the election I have been hearing statistics, African Americans voted this way, Latinos voted this way, young people voted this way… I heard an analyst saying that he was surprised to see that most new citizens, coming from a certain specific country voted for Obama. How does he know that?

I found this in wikipedia

In the United States, sometimes the number on the ballot is printed on a perforated stub which is torn off and placed on a ring (like a shower curtain ring) before the ballot is cast into the ballot box. The stubs prove an elector has voted and ensure he can only vote once, but the ballots themselves are anonymous. At the end of voting day, the number of ballots inside the box must match the number of stubs on the ring, certifying that every ballot was cast by a registered elector, and that none of them were lost or fabricated. (I added the bold)

In my polling place, you had a private spot to mark your ballots, that was the extent of the anonymity; the ballot stub was kept together with my personal information.

I can hear people now calling me naive … I guess I am 😦


Get out and vote!!!

2 11 2008

With the economy in decline and the other number of ailments this country is going through, it is imperative to get out and vote.

Check out the candidates and really see what they stand for, not just the commercials.

There are also other people up for re-election, there are a number of proposals in the ballots.

What seems better for you, your family, your community and ultimately your country????

Get out express yourself!