I am an Alien discovering new things and looking for answers. Take me to your leader.


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6 03 2008


14 03 2008

Hi 🙂 In the U.S., our leader (dictator) is Michael Chertoff. He is the Secretary of Homeland Security. He controls over 16 federal agencies with 200,00 employees including the CIA, FBI, Immigration, Coast Guard, Civil Rights, and many others.

He oversees unconstitutional surveillance spy programs that rob American’s and legal (and illegal) residents of their expectation of privacy. When you make a call out of the country you can be wiretapped, along with your e-mails. Please be careful what you tell your friends down south, that information could be used to deny your application.

Chertoff also oversees the building and maintenance of 80 FEMA concentration camps in our country. According to Chertoff, when our Southern neighbors invade us, they will be placed there for our safety. Another reason we have these concentration camps is in case of a major pandemic causing widespread disease and sickness. We will be imprisoned against our will without the constitutional right to habeas corpus according to Presidential Executive Order.

What I am saying is, I am not sure you want to live here. But if you chose to do so I will consider you a fellow American. Keep up the blog, I think it rox!

17 03 2008

Johnny, thanks for your comments. I am not sure if I want to meet that leader. I have already become a US Citizen!! All I can say is that this is still one of the best places to live. Maybe the government and the system are not the best, but there are places like Cuba that you can be incarcerated for reading a blog like this. Thanks again for your comments.

9 04 2008


I hope this is not too forward of me to ask, but would you be willing to write a brief article for me to post on my blog (with credit). I am attempting to get views of people in America (and outside) with a unique perspective so I can broaden the understanding and discussion on my blog. It could be about your experiences in the U.S. You could compare cultures, people, society, etc. It does not matter to me, just a fresh perspective would be nice. You can submit it anonymously if you would prefer.

Again, I hope it is not too out of the ordinary to ask. Feel free to decline. I like your perspective and the blog, that is why I am asking.

~ Toodles 🙂

10 04 2008

Johnny how do I get it to you?


10 04 2008

Please e-mail it. My e-mail address can be found in the comment section of your dashboard.

16 04 2008

Great site. Thanks for sharing your alienation with other aliens such as myself. I’m fortunate enough to have blog friends all over the world; And I too often ask dumb questions, but I’d rather ask then remain ignorant – for ignorance is not bliss in the least.

“While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obligated to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God’s creation.” Maya Angelou

16 04 2008

Cordieb, welcome and thank you for your comments. I am an learning junkie if that word exists, and I do ask tons of dumb questions, when I don’t know or uderstand something I ask, that is how we learn.

I think we are here to learn from one another.

16 05 2008
Madame Monet

I just found your blog today, and absolutely LOVED your series on what it means to be Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, etc. I moved from America to Morocco, so experienced all the problems of immigrants in American, but in reverse! I am extremely interested in the subjects on your blog.

Please, i wish you would add the RSS feed to your blog (you can do that in the Widgets section). That way people could sign up to get all your regular articles on their main pages (and especially me!)

Best regards,
Madame Monet (in Marrakesh)
Writing, Painting, Music, and Wine

Madam Monet, Welcome and thanks for your kind words, I added the RSS feed, I hope it works, if it doesn’t please let me know. Di

8 05 2011
Black Viking

How can I contact you personally to discuss a form black nationalism.

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