What about US?

25 02 2010

I have been watching the news and trying to figure out what am I seeing. The news are so biased that they should not be called news. Somebody please tell me what news cast to watch, who is not slanting the news to their side. It is not even subtle, they openly support their side and bad mouth the other.

Then there are the political parties, the senators and the house representatives, I guess all politicians; what are they thinking? I think they all only think what is in it for me.

I was appalled when I saw a senator in the news saying that they were going to oppose the healthcare reform to stick-it to Obama. This just made me think, who cares that we need a reform, who cares about the people of the US, let’s just stick-it to Obama.  If the reform on the table is bad, come up with a new one WORK AT IT, negotiate, come up with options.

What is that?

The polarization has come to a point that I feel that they are not doing anything productive, just bicker, oppose each other.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans care about the country, they just care who “wins”.

Can we get rid of all of them and start from scratch?

What about US?