Religious Extremists

26 03 2012

I am thinking that I might be a middle of the way kind of person, not a liberal not a conservative, I agree with both sides and disagree with both.

One of the things I like about the US is the freedom, of speech, religion, politics, you can have your own beliefs and that is respected. Actually that is one of the founding principles of this country.

What scares me are religious extremists, those people who oppress others in the name of religion. These extremists tend to belive that their religious views are the only ones that are right and everybody else is wrong and they should be either converted, silenced or eliminated. Extremists are loud and take over the moderate ones.

We see examples of that in some Muslim countries where religion is not only part of everyday life but part of government. People tend to think that all Muslims are extremist and that is not the case.

Right now in the US some Christian extremist have taken to the airwaves and are making such noise that one might think that all Christians are as closed-minded as they are. There is a pastor going around demonstrating during funerals, calling people names and just being hateful of those that don’t share his beliefs.

There is a guy running for president that sounds very scary. This guy talk about eliminating the separation between church and state, which goes against the very foundation of religious freedom that this country stands for. This guy goes further trying to infringe in women’s health care rights because he doesn’t believe in abortion. He would like to impose his religious beliefs on others, the same way that other religious extremists do.

I say it might be time for those of us in the middle to stand up for freedom and tell those extremist that we don’t like them speaking for us.




2 responses

26 03 2012

Interesting post, and I salute you for your thoughts. Unfortunately extremism is everywhere as you have stated, and its not exclusive to a single religion or another. Coexistence is what this world was created upon.
I walk, reminding myself “For you is your religion, and for me is mine.” Quran 109:6. I don’t think it could be put any better. I’d appreciate it if you dropped by and checked out a post I’ve written a couple of months ago “Allah same same” .

31 03 2012

Hey- I thought you might like this. It looks like aliens are taking over a religious radio station in Boston, Massachusetts. lol If this is a “hack,” it’s funny. There are funny hacks out there

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