What’s up with the Jews?

19 01 2009

I have been trying to understand why some people hate Jewish people so much and I do not understand. Throughout history different groups have had it against them and I would like to know why.

I have searched and read books and can’t find a satisfactory answer. I read that Hitler used the “they killed Jesus” excuse, which I have heard from some Christians.

Really, the killed Jesus, really?!?!?! That is your excuse? Maybe you might not want to rember that Jesus was Jewish… And further more, are you going to blame a entire group of people for the doings of a small group?

Now the Arab world, do they hate Jews because of the creation of the State of Israel? Why do they deny that the Holocaust happened? does anybody know?

If there is somebody out there that can explain to me, why this group of human beings has been singled out by so many different groups over the years, please let me know.





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19 01 2009
Love Humanity

Picture of saint Cathrine seems she was wearing Muslim Hijab… Muslim men have beard like Jesus..

read muslim converts stories http://muqeem.wordpress.com/

1 02 2009

When I was a child I asked my mother the same question. She told me it was because “the Jews never assimilated.” In other words, they always insisted upon their own separate identity and way of life. Now that I’m in my 50’s I finally understand what she is talking about. It’s the same thing many Muslims do when moving to non-Muslim cultures. In fact, living many years in a Muslim culture, I see much more in common between Jews and Muslims than between Muslims and Christians, for example!

Expat 21, in the Middle East

2 02 2009

Expat, what you are saying is that the a large number of people hate, or do not like the Jews because they are different; because they have their own religion and culture.
That is the excuse they have here for some immigrant groups, “they don’t assimilate”. It is not easy for the first generation to assimilate, and it is even more difficult when you don’t look like the majority, so even if you are assimilated if you look different and or have a different religion you are always going to be different, a stranger.

14 04 2010

Some off the cuff ideas after reading your post;

Check out the dozens of “blood libels” throughout history.

Creation of Usury.

Controlling a disproportionate amount of the worlds wealth

** Arabs don’t deny the holocaust, they just point out that its not a worthy excuse for comitting genocide, rape and absolute theft of land against Palestine. Throughout history, Muslims have treated Jews better than anyone else and have never received anything but contempt.

Your move Sherlock.

20 03 2011
Louis Tonetti

I have attempted to answer your question in my book, What’s Up With the Jews? Maybe you will find your answer there. Lest you thnk I am attempting to hawk my book, let me know and I will mail you a copy for free.


27 03 2014
Nathan Goodson (@NathanMalachim)

@”truthful” – 1. blood libel is a myth created by gentiles to justify pogroms. 2. Lending with interest has been around a long time and within cultures with little of no Jewish populations. 3. The Catholic Church hired Jewish bankers in order to get around the prohibitions on “usury” – and to have a scapegoat. 4. King Henry the VIII made lending with interest legal in England.

Yes, until the late 19th/early 20th centuries, Jews fared better in most Muslim lands – as second class citizens with few rights who had to pay a djimmi tax. But, considering the treatment Jews received within Christendom, I guess we should give a hearty “shukran” to the Ismaelites.

@expat21 – are you arguing that everyone should assimilate into the culture in which they reside? Most Jews, with the exception of the ultra-Orthodox, in the U.S. and Europe are pretty assimilated as it is. Would you have them convert to Christianity? Should a white Christian living in a muslim country be expected to convert and assimilate?

And by the way, the Romans killed that man. Does anyone hate Italians for that?

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