Let me tell you about my first time

30 01 2008

As I sit here and think about it, I continue to be aprehensive. I have never done this before. Like for any other first time, I wonder, am I going to like this? Will it be warm and comforting, exciting and rewarding or bland and dissatisfying?

I try to ask more questions, how does it feel? “It’s great!” they say, “You have to try it”. But, but, I don’t know if am ready, maybe I should do this another time… “come on, don’t chicken out now!” they say.

My friend brings out the box. It’s a small nox filled with small bags, the bags are filled with a white powder. It has a funny texture, it is not well refined, it is a little coarse.

I have thought about trying it for a while. Do I have too high an expectation that I am going to be disappointed, or is it going to be what I thought and more?

I am still hesitant, first times can be exciting and scary.

When you are doing something that you have never done before, there is always some anticipation and sometimes I wonder if the ballon would be deflated with disappointment.

Sometimes I don’t want to do it, what if I like it too much, and get hooked on it? Am I going to want it everyday? Is it good for me?

I pour it out of the bag and they tell me that I have to add hot water to it, there is no turning back after this.

I add the water and it becomes a thick paste, I try it and it tastes like a special dough I would make for a dish from home. My friend suggests that I add some milk and sugar to it. It is still very bland. It feels to me like it still need cooking or toasting, but the box said “Instant, Cream of Wheat”.

This wasn’t a very satisfying first time…


Immigration Issues

28 01 2008

In my last post I touched on an alledge Hispanic-Latino conspiracy… here is the proof.

This a satirical view of those fears that I spoke about in my last blog. I love this sketch. I would love to save it, but don’t know how. If anybody knows, please tell…Thanks


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My People vs Your People, Divide and Conquer

27 01 2008

As I said in previous postings, I am baffled by race relations in the US. I can’t understand how we keep falling for the old trick of divide and conquer. Minorities are divided fighting for the scraps, instead of forming a united front. I just can’t understand why they don’t see it. If you want to dominate an enemy, what is the best way of doing it? Have them fight among themselves. They won’t have enough time or energy to fight against us….thuuuu.

I see this situation like this; the proverbial MAN throws some scraps out to keep the dogs happy. The dogs are the minorities. Asians are a small, nonthreatening dog,  that manages to eat and even get into the house and get better things without barking or grouling. Arabs are a new dog that used to pass as others and wasn’t seen as much of a threat. African Americans are a big strong dog that growls and has a loud bark, gets attention, it is feared and can bully himself a good piece of the scrap. Latinos or Hispanics are a younger dog that is growing, it is starting to realize it can bark and growl, the African American dog fears that this dog can take its place of dominance and its piece of the famous pie. 

If all of these minority “dogs” banded together in a pack, they could work as a team and get an actual piece of the pie, share the pie and not fight for scraps.

In a January 2004 report, Claud Anderson, president of the black think tank Harvest Institute, claimed that Hispanic immigrants come to this country for the “public service benefits available to them because of the Black Civil  Rights Movement.” This man claims there is a Hispanic conspiracy to reproduce and multiply to surpass African Americans in number and take their place in American society.

The Detroit city council commissioned a $112,000 economic development study from Anderson. His recommendation was that the city would spend $30 million to develop something called “African Town” — an inner-city business enclave created for blacks that would keep them from spending money in immigrant businesses. In July of 2004 Detroit City Council passed a resolution approving African Town and the $30 million in casino revenues for grants and low-interest loans. This proposal meant that the requirement to receive funding to start a business would be being African American.

more on that here http://www.theoaklandpress.com/stories/100704/opi_
 and here http://keepingfamilyfirst.blogspot.com/2004/10/detroit-we-are-african-town.html

I have been told by numerous African Americans to beware of white people, that they always have ulterior motives. That they are racist and that they will always put me down. But my experience has been quite the opposite. I have been put down and mistreated by African Americans that assume that because I am Latina I have no education and I should be in a position of servitude. They are big on the dividing thing.

I have had many experiences especially with African American women. One time I accompanied my husband to get a haircut, the woman cutting his hair was African American, she was all over him, flirting and being very loud. I was not paying much attention, so she came to me and said defiantly that she was flirting with “my man”, I smiled and said yeah. I am not a jealous person, and I did not feel threaten by her, and she did not like that. After a while she realized I wasn’t buying what she was selling, I was not going to confront and she stopped. I have to add that my husband has dark skin, he is not black or African American.

 I went to an African American community center to provide a service and when I walked in, the attendant looked at me and just said “whaaat?” I replied with a smile that was bringing information about a free service for the community center and she looked at me up and down and said, “you can leave it there if you want, I don’t care”.

I work for a place that mostly serves African Americans, it is comprise of mostly African Americans. I have had a lot of this type of encounters, and my coworkers usually say, “they must have thought you were white”. I wonder, is that a good reason to treat somebody you have never met poorly?  I have worked in the same way in Arab, Indian, Latino, Asian, Russian, communities and I have never received such treatment. Are immigrant communities more appreciative or less racist?

 I cannot say this has been my experience will all African Americans, I have met wonderful caring people along the way. I have also met very nice, White or Caucasians, Mexicans, Lebanese, Korean, Nigerian, Chinese, Indian, Arab, Peruvian, Chaldean, Japanese, Ghanian, Haitian, Russian, Turkish, Puerto Rican, Somali, Jordanian people.

I know African Americans have been thru a lot and are still dealing with external and internal racism. I also understand that it is hard to let go. But would you want the same pain and resentment in your children’s hearts. Why continue to perpetuate and do unto others what has been done to you?

I can also see that there is lot of fear in statement like Mr. Anderson’s. There is a fear of the unknown that us Aliens experiment when coming to a new world and the host world may feel of us, our cultures, our language and our intentions.

I will like to remind you I come in Peace…

The history will continue to repeat itself if we don’t do things differently. We can’t expect different results if we continue to do the same things the same way.

The beauty of winter

26 01 2008


dscn1785.jpg Winter is beautiful, yes it is cold, but there are so many changes that happen dunaturaleza.jpgring winter, that I am always in awe of nature.

I like when it snows, after the roads have been cleaned up, the view is wonderful. I live in an area surrounded by fields, “the boonies” I’ve been told. In the winter, these fields that during the summer are golden by the corn or different shades of green from different crops, turn white, a crisp white a quiet white. You can see for miles, and it all looks so peaceful and clean. The sun rays reflected in that white, like feeding of the energy of the snow.

I usually take back roads to go to work, I could go to the highway, but then what is the fun in that? I get to drive by these wonderful fields and watch the birds huddled together in the power lines. There are some woods along the way, and it is a spectacle to see the snow and ice deposited in the limbs of the naked trees.  

Of course driving on the snow is another story altogether, especially if it is falling. I have had scary experiences when I can’t see a thing, or when my car won’t stop… Or the mess with the slush or the black ice.

dscn1785.jpgdscn1785.jpgI said I wanted the seasons, so I won’t complain; I actually enjoy most of it. The shoveling, the snow blower, snowball wars, sledding, it is just fun.

 It is so nice to sit inside with a warm cup of tea or chocolate watching the snow fall from the warmth of my home and family.


Spanish lesson for your Nanny

22 01 2008

This is a satirical view on race,  class …. enjoy

Proof of Alieness

20 01 2008

I have a confession to make; I have never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… I know, that is all the proof you needed to know that I am an alien.

When the subject comes up, peopledscn1780.jpgdscn1780.jpg look at me with that look that tells me that my cover has been blown. They already knew I was different, but now they know…how different.

When some people found out that I had never tried one they came up with all kinds of suggestions on how ‘my first time’ should be. The time, place, type of bread, flavor of jelly and even should it be jelly, jam or preserves?  There were many arguments among the experts about what should be the best approach.

 To tell you the truth, I feel a little bit grossed out by the idea. Don’t get me wrong; even though I did not grow up with it, I love peanut butter. I have had it with bread, crackers, candy, ice cream and even shakes. I also like jellies, jams and preserves, but putting them together seems odd.I know I will eventually have to take the ‘big leap’ and do it, but I am not ready just yet.


My life as an Alien › Edit — WordPress

19 01 2008

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