Religious Extremists

26 03 2012

I am thinking that I might be a middle of the way kind of person, not a liberal not a conservative, I agree with both sides and disagree with both.

One of the things I like about the US is the freedom, of speech, religion, politics, you can have your own beliefs and that is respected. Actually that is one of the founding principles of this country.

What scares me are religious extremists, those people who oppress Read the rest of this entry »


Citizenship by birth

7 08 2010

Citizenship by birth is the new hot topic for the anti-immigration crowd, also the term birth tourism.

Birth tourism is the concept that foreigners come here just for the purpose of having a baby and later on that child could claim the parents to begin the process of residency. This sounds a bit farfetched to me, just because of the expense of coming to the US, paying a steep hospital bill and going back to your country and waiting until the child turns 21 to come back. It is possible, everything is possible, but sound very impractical. What if the kid doesn’t want to come here? or dies before turning 21? or the laws change? And if you can afford all the process why not try to move to the US in the first place… yes the immigration laws, even if you have money, it is not that easy.

I think that this issue of citizenship at birth has come up because of the illegal immigration issue and what people call “anchor babies”. Read the rest of this entry »

What about US?

25 02 2010

I have been watching the news and trying to figure out what am I seeing. The news are so biased that they should not be called news. Somebody please tell me what news cast to watch, who is not slanting the news to their side. It is not even subtle, they openly support their side and bad mouth the other.

Then there are the political parties, the senators and the house representatives, I guess all politicians; what are they thinking? I think they all only think what is in it for me.

I was appalled when I saw a senator in the news saying that they were going to oppose the healthcare reform to stick-it to Obama. This just made me think, who cares that we need a reform, who cares about the people of the US, let’s just stick-it to Obama.  If the reform on the table is bad, come up with a new one WORK AT IT, negotiate, come up with options.

What is that?

The polarization has come to a point that I feel that they are not doing anything productive, just bicker, oppose each other.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans care about the country, they just care who “wins”.

Can we get rid of all of them and start from scratch?

What about US?

Obama blew them out of the water!!

21 04 2009

I have been watching Obama’s trips overseas and he surprised me as I think surprised the rest of the world. He went to Europe and admitted the US responsibility on the global market crisis and also told the rest of the world that they are responsible as well and that all should work on it.

But when he went to the meeting of the American countries he blew them out of the water, even the crazy Chavez. I read the critics saying that he shouldn’t have  shaken Chavez’s hand, that he is sending the wrong message, they obviously know nothing about Latin America, the people, the culture and that explains how come their politics have been so wrong. Ignoring Chavez and not shaking his hand would have given him more power and more ammunition against the US.

After eight years of the US ignoring the neighbors to the south, and taking the countries that used to be allies for granted, now some of those allies are declared enemies or moving to the dark-side, because they found support and attention somewhere else.

Obama comes and says I admit we made mistakes and we want to start over, lets fix this. I am willing to work with you…and as you know when people apologise and tries to make a mend people turn around.

Chavez is like a spoiled child, a diva, he wants to always be the center of attention; he started rallying the countries that he is paying off, to boycott Obama and boycott the entire meeting. He was prepared to go against anything and Obama came without the famous US arrogance  he smiled, shacked his hand and said hello.  He was blown out of the water, so much so, that to get people’s attention back to himself, he had to run into a meeting to give Obama a book, he had to use Obama’s spotlight to be in the spotlight. Now in his country  they are asking him, why where you sucking up to Obama? You have said the you hate the US, are you a Yankee lover now? What is this about?

What a smile and a handshake can do, Obama acting like a true diplomat, and an intelligent man disarmed the uncouth and bloody military dictator.

The truth is that nobody can stand Chavez, but the people that surround him and the countries that support him are like leaches feeding of the oil and money he is giving away. His has almost absolute power in his country, but he is not as loved as people think, people are threatened to attend rallies and vote for him.

I hope that this is the first of more changes towards LatinAmerica and that we can help stabilize and rid the area of the totalitarianism cancer.

Illegal workers cleaning Chertoff’s home?!?!

21 12 2008

I did not know if this was scary or just outright funny, the cleaning crew that cleaned Mr. Chertoff”s home, consisted of illegal immigrants.

Cleaning Firm Used Illegal Workers at Chertoff Home
By Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, December 11, 2008

Every few weeks for nearly four years, the Secret Service screened the IDs of employees for a Maryland cleaning company before they entered the house of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the nation’s top immigration official.

The company’s owner says the workers sailed through the checks — although some of them turned out to be illegal immigrants

The Secret service ran background checks on the employees and could not detect that they were illegally here. That is scary, how can the police the border and protect the country? I know that if you are here illegally and buy a fake social security card; and you do this to clean somebody elses home, you are not a spy and you probably don’t have the education to fool the almighty  Secret Service. Imagine if somebody has the technology, know-how and funds, how far can they go… Are we really safe?

To top this off, the cleaning company is being fined…for not detecting that the documents were fakes. If trained agents could not detect it, how can untrained individuals do so. They are being punished for not being able to do more than the trained agents.

We really need a reform in the entire process… This is unreal.

Get out and vote!!!

2 11 2008

With the economy in decline and the other number of ailments this country is going through, it is imperative to get out and vote.

Check out the candidates and really see what they stand for, not just the commercials.

There are also other people up for re-election, there are a number of proposals in the ballots.

What seems better for you, your family, your community and ultimately your country????

Get out express yourself!

Palin and McCain Inciting Hate

11 10 2008

I read the news, heard the speeches, checked both sides and I am disgusted. Both Palin and McCain are making allegations that are inciting hate. When politicians make an allegation it is usually distorted and out of context, but these speaches as of late calling Obama a terrorist are grossly irresponsible, what did they think would happen? Their supporters are calling for Obama’s head, this is outrageous. I am not for Obama, But I feel they have crossed the line. If a crazy lunatic comes out and does something crazy, they ought to be held responsible, both of them!

If this is a sample of how they would run the country, I don’t want them in the white house.