7 05 2011

I was listening to a radio show, one of those where people call in. The topic was Public Displays of Affection or PDAs. I was very confused by the comments people made. I understand that the US culture is a little uptight, but I was surprised to hear what these young people had to say.

First they talked about, who is guilty of PDAs, like who dares to do that. But then people called, and said that it was horrible that people would display their feeling in public.

Of course, like a good alien, I don’t agree. When I see people holding hands, specially older folks, I think it is sweet. I know I am a female and that might be a female thing. Well some of the girls calling the show said it was “gross” to see people holding hands. I would understand if it was making out or other things but hugging, holding hands was GROSS?!?!?!

Most of the callers agreed that it was disgusting and that when they were in public with their partners they would act as if they did not know each other. WHY? that is my question. Can somebody out there explain to me why.

I agree that some people go overboard and I do not agree with making out, too much touching, groping. But I love to hold my hubby’s hand, hug my friends…I am a repeat offender.

Is it disgusting? Is it okay? let me know.




2 responses

29 02 2012
Lynne Diligent

I don’t know where in the U.S. you live, but where I grew up (Denver) , and having lived there in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, it was quite normal to walk down the street (or hallway) holding hands with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or husband or wife. Nothing wrong with a brief public kiss or an arm around someone close either. Anything more than that should be done privately. Now I live in a Muslim culture, and husbands and wives do not touch each other in public!

26 03 2012

Lynne, It could be a generational thing, people calling to this show were in their 20s.

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