What does it mean to be/act Asian?

13 05 2008

Happy Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage month!!!

 Asian American Heritage

This one is another biggie. Asians who are they and what does it mean to act Asian?

For starters Asians come from many countries all with different cultures. Yes, some of them have similarities, but they are different cultures nontheless. When People think of Asian they rarely think about Indians or Iraqis for example.

I have a friend from Korea that explains that the Korean-American culture is very different from the Korean culture and that she would not consired them Koreans, ‘they are Americans’, she says.

Asian and Asian-Americans can be of Filipino, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian descent and more, why lump them all together prentending like they are all the same, when they are not.

Here is a map that showes all the countries that comprise the Asian continent.

Map os Asia


   Here are some Asian stereotypes, Please contribute your own:

  • Asians are smart, specially in math ans science.
  • they don’t speak English
  • they are all foreigners. People with Asian features are often asked where are they from, just because they have Asian features, they are assumed from elsewhere.
  • Shy and modest, but at the same time
  • Overly sexual (Geisha)
  • They all have dry cleaning business or restaurant
  • for Idians, they are taking all tech jobs
  • they all practive martial arts
  • Asians are all Chinese

As I said in my latest post I don’t know what it means to act Asian (well I am not) but I learned that there are lables for those minorities that “act White”, Oreo cookie for African Americans, Coconut for Latinos and Twinkies for Asians…here is the proof






12 responses

16 05 2008
Scott S

I really enjoyed this one. My wife is Korean and can really relate. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked her if she grew up in China.

I am just trying to do my part 😉

17 05 2008

i know, i understand… but at least the asians dont have negative stereotypes…
but i understand, some people are just stupid, because they assume! they assume that you are ignorant and dont speak english!

14 11 2008

Erm no. Im chinese, and i speak english -.- i grew up in china yes but not all asians are chinese. they could be japanes and korean for all i know. don’t put wrong information.

Va, If you read the entire post, you might realize that I am trying to show how these steretypes are wrong, and not only for Asians but for most minorities.
Thank you for stopping by.

4 03 2009

It’s funny, cause from the way I act. One of my friends say I “act white” but I don’t see exactly how. She told me cause I use hand motions, I say dude alot, I bring up random things, and I stories from before.

I just have no idea where that comes from. Everybody does that, right? People tell stories from the past, say random things, say dude alot, and use hand motions. I have no idea where she gets this from.

11 04 2009

Lols. Asians speak english kayy? I’m an asian myself and we speak english. It’s just that some Asians from some countries speak suckish english

15 08 2010
You are suckish too!

I do not want to say too much! Look at my name, pussy! Speaking poor english does not mean they are inferior!

12 11 2013

the only reason some Asians speak English kind of funny is because the language is unfamiliar. try learning a whole different language

1 12 2009

Yeah, I sorta know what ya mean? I’m part Chinese/Japanese (both ^-^).
White people look at me and ask me what kind of Asian I am…Asian people ask me why I say I’m Asian~ -.-”

It’s annoying really because I atleast look half.
People think you’re only Asian if you have SUUUPER slanted eyes, black hair, white skin, and brown/black eyes.

27 10 2010
Thai Stick

Stereotypes are usually based on true aspects of culture, beliefs or ethnic values. They are exaggerations and generalizations of those truths. The problem is, many stereotypes are outdated cultural models and some are just plain wrong. As a result, it offends!!

28 01 2011

well first of all, most of these are stereotypes (some are offensive)
1. Asians don’t have to be smart, and they don’t have to be best in math and science.
2. Asians can learn English. Some Asians’ first language is English. I’m Japanese, and English is the language I speak.
3. There are a ton of Asians domestic to the United States.
4. You’re mostly right on this one, but I do know some very loud Asian people.
5. Geisha used to be very respected, intellegent women that have honorable reputations, but modern Geisha have corrupted that.
6. My dad is Japanese and he’s an Enterprise Software Programing Specialist. Not a business man or a laundry worker.
7. Not all Indians are technitions, though that is pretty common.
8. Nobody in my family practices martial arts, and everybody on my dad’s side is Asian.
9. This one doesn’t even make sense to me. Chinese is the ethnicity everybody assumes an Asian person to be, but there’s Korean, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Malasian, Indonsian, a variety of Asian races.
I’m not trying to beat you down, but I’ve gone my whole life dealing with these stereotypes and it is getting to the point where it annoys me.

2 02 2011

Siamese, did you read the entire post? It is part of a series trying to dispell the stereotypes. It is interesting but several people have posted angry commets, saying what my post is saying, but not actually reading it.

Again stereotypes are wrong!!

29 06 2012

I have read the whole post and liked it.
I’m from Saudi Arabia, and when I say I’m from Asia, I get surprised looks!!
Hey, people, look at a globe and you’ll see that the Middle East is a part of Asia!!!

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