The Real World Detroit- City Council’s Own Reality Show

9 03 2009

I have been off what happens in Detroit for a while, but I have friends there and they keep me up to date. The latest soap opera, reality show, is not the former major…although he is still in the news; This new instalment is the city council….

I think this is better than a reality show, everyday there is something new, and you can even find the videos on YouTube.

My friends suggested that I should check out the Detroit Free Press and of course I went to the local TV stations websites.

Apparently there is a big controversy, because there is a deal on the works for over a year, that would turn over management on a local convention center to a group formed by the state, a couple of counties close to Detroit and the city of Detroit. The city is currently bankrupt, the last major was trying to sell the tunnel (that goes from the US to Canada) to the Canadians, in order to come close to balancing the budget. They cannot afford the maintenance and renovations needed for the place.

But after a short deliberation the city council voted no for the deal, their reasons…the (white man) racist state wants to take what belongs to us. They said that “they are all racists up  in Lansing” 😦  Are you kidding me? Then the city council president pro-temp, said on camera Read the rest of this entry »


The Power of Words

25 01 2009

I believe that words have the power we give them and just that.

I come from a planet where what you say is important but how you say it is just as important. So the words may have different meanings depending on the intention given when they are used. calling somebody fat can be offensive or a term of endearment.

I sometimes find myself repressing what I am going to say because I don’t know if I may be offending somebody. This country’s political correctness might be too repressive for my taste. You can’t say fat, it has to be overweight, no blind but visually impaired. Why are we so sensitive to words that we created?

We go as far as to have a funeral for a word and forbid people to use it. To me that gives that word a lot more power. That word is so powerful that people only dare to say N-word, only a certain group of people are allowed to use it. If anybody else uses it, the entire society goes up in arms. It is absurd!!

I went to a training to understand gay issues and I learned so much about what they go through; but one of the things that strikes me the most is that they told me that the were reclaiming the word “Queer”. They told me that this word was used to offend gays and that they were reclaiming it to take away that offensive meaning. I thought that was brilliant!

If we took away the meaning of words, that are not even the real meaning of those words, that were just  meanings given by people that were trying to make others feel angry, offended, minimized, we would be taking the power away from them.

Recently I got a comment to a posting called Illegal Immigration-Mexico’s double talk… this comment used the word “Beaners”, I responded back asking what that means, I know is a derogatory way of calling Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics, illegal immigrants, I am not sure if is some of those or all, usually people that use terms in that way would not make a distinction between groups.

I am not offended because beaners doesn’t have any meaning or value to me, but I am curious to know what he was trying to say with that.

From my alien point of view, we should stop giving words so much power and start being more honest and open. We cannot be liked by everyone and we are bound to either offend or feel offended by what another person does or says. Let get rid of the egg shels and start communicating for real, lets clear the miss understandings and stop assuming.

What’s up with the Jews?

19 01 2009

I have been trying to understand why some people hate Jewish people so much and I do not understand. Throughout history different groups have had it against them and I would like to know why.

I have searched and read books and can’t find a satisfactory answer. I read that Hitler used the “they killed Jesus” excuse, which I have heard from some Christians.

Really, the killed Jesus, really?!?!?! That is your excuse? Maybe you might not want to rember that Jesus was Jewish… And further more, are you going to blame a entire group of people for the doings of a small group?

Now the Arab world, do they hate Jews because of the creation of the State of Israel? Why do they deny that the Holocaust happened? does anybody know?

If there is somebody out there that can explain to me, why this group of human beings has been singled out by so many different groups over the years, please let me know.


Modern day linchings; why promote hate?

26 12 2008

I have heard of several cases lately of Latino men being harassed, intimidated and even killed because they looked, seemed Latino. There was a case in Pennsylvania, where the assailants told the guy while beating him to tell other “Mexicans” to get out of town; and the authorities did not think it was racially motivated, because the men that beated the guy to death were “good Kids”. Republican herald wrote an article, you can find it  here; A fellow blogger has more on it Here.

The latest cases were one in Long Island, a man just walking down the street gets beaten to death by a group of men, and another in NY in a similar scenario, with the added factor that there were two brothers walking with their arms around each other and the assailants thought that there were not only hispanic but also gay.

Here are some other examples:

Hispanic Man Walks CBS 2 HD Through Similar Attack

This trend is being described as modern day lynchings… Can anybody explain to me why this happens?

What gives people the idea that they can just beat somebody to death because the look like the are Latino or the look like they are Gay. Yes, they beated people for their real or perceived ethnicity or sexual orientation.

But why? why is there so much hate and fear of people that are different from you that you feel the need to destroy them, what entitles a person to dispose of the life of others?

When people were being kidnaped in Irak and beheaded in from of a video camera people said that “those people” were savages; Then, what are we here? We take part in beating people to death, and these stories hardly take a few seconds of news coverage, when they are covered at all. Are we really the “civilized” ones?

Palin and McCain Inciting Hate

11 10 2008

I read the news, heard the speeches, checked both sides and I am disgusted. Both Palin and McCain are making allegations that are inciting hate. When politicians make an allegation it is usually distorted and out of context, but these speaches as of late calling Obama a terrorist are grossly irresponsible, what did they think would happen? Their supporters are calling for Obama’s head, this is outrageous. I am not for Obama, But I feel they have crossed the line. If a crazy lunatic comes out and does something crazy, they ought to be held responsible, both of them!

If this is a sample of how they would run the country, I don’t want them in the white house.

Is this really tolerance?

1 10 2008

I attended a meeting aimed at asking for Steve Bizzell the Sheriff of Johnston County to resign because of the comments that he made. Here are excerpt of his interview:

 Bizzell is a farm boy so steeped in traditional American culture that he won’t even eat spaghetti, much less a taco. Since becoming sheriff a decade ago, he has watched a Hispanic influx change the rural landscape of his home county. Its population is now 11 percent Hispanic. 

These mostly undocumented workers have helped build a new economy, fueling a construction boom and harvesting most of the county’s crops. But some residents of this once insular place see them as a threat, opening Spanish-speaking businesses, crowding hospitals and schools, even monopolizing aisles at Wal-Mart. 

Bizzell has emerged as the face of the backlash. 

But to travel with Bizzell is to understand not only the anger, but also the ambivalence that surrounds an intensifying crackdown on illegal immigrants.

In one breath, he condemns illegal immigrants for “breeding like rabbits” Read the rest of this entry »

La Raza – Is it Racism?

22 07 2008
I have read many people criticising the National Council of La Raza, claiming it is racist, today I found this article where they are defending themselves against those accusations.
NCLR Defends its Name, Literally
Hiram Soto,
Article in Spanish here

Editor’s Note: The Latino rights organization National Council of La Raza says the controversy over its name is the result of a word lost in translation.

SAN DIEGO – The National Council of La Raza spends most of its time protecting and advancing the rights of Latinos through advocacy and community work. But as it wrapped up its convention in San Diego last week, it found itself defending its name.

That’s because activists who oppose illegal immigration are saying in e-mails, during street protests and through the media that “La Raza” means “The Race,” and have been calling the organization a hate group. Read the rest of this entry »