Great example from Dearborn Michigan

24 04 2011

The people of Dearborn, MI gave us a great example of unity and how we can all coexist, live together in harmony. A certain pastor wanted to come and protest in front of the Islamic Center of America. This “Pastor” that likes to incite hate is no different from any other religious radical that believes that only his/her point of view is valid and everybody else is wrong. He burnt the holy book of the Muslim faith and incited protests against the US…irresposible.

Turns out that the people of Dearborn, well not just Dearborn, people came from all over the state and the country; people form all different religions, Christians, Muslims and Jewish, joined arm and arm to support their brothers and sisters. This makes me proud of my fellow humans.


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One of the speakers said it best, we stand here not as Jewish, Muslims or Christians, we stand here as Americans!!!


Immigration Raids in Michigan

22 03 2008

I attended a meeting this morning at a local church where people told their personal stories about their recent encounters with Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE. In the past couple of weeks there have been several raids in Washtenaw County, aided by Ann Arbor and Pittsfield Township police departments. It is heartbreaking to hear their stories.

I understand the sentiment that people have against illegal or undocumented immigration, but there has been a campaign to dehumanize those people that feel the need to risk their lives coming here to work and try to make a better life for their families.

There were stories of areas targeted because of large Latino populations. There is an apartment complex where a lot of Latinos live; all of the people that I have met that lived there were college students. Well they raided there, just for their looks. I think that is called racial profiling.

I also heard the story of a 20 year old woman that was detained, after the verified that she had no criminal record she was told she could be let free on bail the following day…That did not happened. She was detained in Detroit and spent two weeks being shuffled to different detention center all over the country, living among convicted murderers and dangerous criminals. Each time she was moved she was subjected to strip-searches and other humiliating practices. I thought that law enforcement officials were trained to be able to distinguish between dangerous criminals and people that are not a risk to anybody. She was finally released two weeks later in the US Southwest. She is now awaiting deportation.

I also heard stories of abuse, interrogation techniques that border in torture, women separated from their children who are latter released and cannot find the whereabouts of their children.

There were stories about employers’ mistreatment, unpaid wages, and even banks that would open savings accounts to latter deny access to their money for lack of documents.

I know… Why do they come in the first place?

Well  I also learned about how US foreign policies and agreements have contributed to increase the impoverishment of other countries; and about the way in which these foreign workers contribute to the US economy. I want to learn more about these two issues, I don’t know enough to form an opinion.

My point here is not whether it is right or not for them to be here. My point is the subhuman treatment some of these people receive. I would like for people to put a human face to this issue and not see them as disposable labor, unwanted “Brown” people, pests invading our cities.

If your family was facing starvation, wouldn’t you do whatever you can for your parents, siblings, and children?  Some people are born with all odds against them, with little or no choices. We can’t compare a person born here to a disadvantaged family, to somebody born in some of those countries. Even most pets have a better live than some of those people, there is even a special police to protect them.

A lot of people in this country have a better regard and treatment for their pets… Does this make any sense??

Fantasy Island

2 02 2008

There is an Island off the northen part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula called Mackinac Island. This island has a lot of history. It has been a vacation destination since the 19th Century and it is where the famous Grans Hotel is located. You where they filmed that movie “Somewhere in Time“. Of course I had to see the movie before going.

 There are no cars allowed on the island, there are horse drawn carriages adn lots of bicycles. There are a ton of little inns and other places to stay.

The first time I went there was in the Spring, definetly is the best time to go. We stayed in a small beach hotel in Mackinac City (a considerably cheaper way to go) we enjoyed the activities in town that night and the next day aremed with our bicycles, we took the ferry to the island.

It is such a beautiful place, very picturesque. It has lots of natural beauty and old houses. Check out pictures here. Iam not selling, they are not mine.

We where able to ride most of the island in one day, taking into consideration stopping and that neither one of us was in the best shape. I loved to go in the Spring because the flowers were blooming, walking or riding I often had to stop to take in the wonderful aromas of the flowers, and the colorful scenery. I had the best time there.

I have to warn you about something though, there is also the “aroma” of horse poop, even though the pick it up frecuently, you are going to feel it in some places. I think it is more noticeable in the summer. Sorry, I had to go there.