The Mayor of Detroit is in Jail – Judicial System at work!!

8 08 2008

The Mayor of Detroit spent the night in jail. For years now the Mayor has been caughted in lies and shady situations and he has gotten away with less than a slap on the wrist.

You can check up all the details at the Detroit Free Press website . There you can find a complete account of all the issues from the beginning.


This latest display of disregard for the Judicial System was the last straw. He thought he was untouchable, the golden kid. He violated the conditions of his bond two or three times, and on top of that he lied to the judge while trying to get out off. He claimed that it was an emergency meeting and that he had been summon by the Windsor authorities, today Windsor authorities say that the Mayor called them and he wanted to have that meeting.

As usual he used his kids as leverage, to try to get out of jail.


36th District Judge Ronald Giles has restored my faith in our Judicial System.

I have seen this guy breaking the law time and time again and then lie about it until he can lie no more. When he has to admit what he did, he either blames it on somebody else, lack of communication, the media or racism. He says “I am sorry” and gets Detroiters crying for him. He gets off and goes back to business as usual.

Finally  a judge had the courage to say NO MORE.