DO immigrant women have rights? Even when illegal?

1 03 2009

This is a case of an immigrant woman that I have heard allegedly happen and I want to know not only your opinion but does she have any rights.

This starts like any other love story, boy meets girl they fall in love they get married. Things change and unlike other love stories, they don’t live happily ever after. She is an immigrant in his country…

I don’t know how she came in, I am lacking a lot of details, but she is an illegal immigrant now. During the course of their marriage he was supposed to have asked for her green card but apparently didn’t. I have my doubts that it was even a legal marriage.

After a while he became abusive, mostly verbally and then escalated, the abuse  became also physical. For some reason, some women stay in relationships like that, I will never understand why.

Then she got pregnant, the abuse ceased for a little and then started again, but this time she was pregnant and afraid to miscarriage because of the beatings. She left him and ended up at his parents house; they welcomed her with open arms, they always treated her as a daughter and they said they’ll figure out how to make things work.

One day she overheard a conversation between her mother in law and her son (her husband); she was saying that they only needed to wait for a few more weeks until the baby was born, then she would call immigration have the daughter in law deported that way they could get rid of her and keep the baby. She panicked, Read the rest of this entry »


Illegal workers cleaning Chertoff’s home?!?!

21 12 2008

I did not know if this was scary or just outright funny, the cleaning crew that cleaned Mr. Chertoff”s home, consisted of illegal immigrants.

Cleaning Firm Used Illegal Workers at Chertoff Home
By Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, December 11, 2008

Every few weeks for nearly four years, the Secret Service screened the IDs of employees for a Maryland cleaning company before they entered the house of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the nation’s top immigration official.

The company’s owner says the workers sailed through the checks — although some of them turned out to be illegal immigrants

The Secret service ran background checks on the employees and could not detect that they were illegally here. That is scary, how can the police the border and protect the country? I know that if you are here illegally and buy a fake social security card; and you do this to clean somebody elses home, you are not a spy and you probably don’t have the education to fool the almighty  Secret Service. Imagine if somebody has the technology, know-how and funds, how far can they go… Are we really safe?

To top this off, the cleaning company is being fined…for not detecting that the documents were fakes. If trained agents could not detect it, how can untrained individuals do so. They are being punished for not being able to do more than the trained agents.

We really need a reform in the entire process… This is unreal.