Religious Extremists

26 03 2012

I am thinking that I might be a middle of the way kind of person, not a liberal not a conservative, I agree with both sides and disagree with both.

One of the things I like about the US is the freedom, of speech, religion, politics, you can have your own beliefs and that is respected. Actually that is one of the founding principles of this country.

What scares me are religious extremists, those people who oppress Read the rest of this entry »


To kill or not to kill that is the question

19 09 2008

I was talking to a acquaintance of mine, who seems to be a Palin fan, and I asked her about the issue of abortion and capital punishment. She said that of curse she was against abortion and pro death penalty. I asked why? her explanation was not satisfactory to me. She said that abortion was a sin, but isn’t killing anyone a sin? therefore death penalty must be a sin as well.

She explained that this is part of the Christian doctrin. Abortion is wrong, but killing abortion doctors is okay. I am puzzled, really.

I would like somebody to explain the difference to me. This is how I see it, you don’t want to kill them before they are born, but you would kill them after they are born. A human being is that, at all stages of aging. To me…