What does an illegal alien look like?

15 05 2010

As I said many times before, I do not agree with illegal immigration, there I said it again. The new law in Arizona it is not well written. I don’t have a problem with police upholding the laws, but this one is vague and creates the opportunity for abuse and racial profiling, here is why.

What does an illegal immigrant look like? Who can tell me? The governor of Arizona could not answer that question when asked. I know that the vast majority of illegals, undocumented come from Mexico and Central America, that doesn’t mean that they are the only ones, or that everybody from those regions are here illegally.

I’ve been watching the news and when the interview white people they say they don’t mind if they are asked to show “their papers” because they can prove they are citizens.  But they do not carry their passport or birth certificate, nobody does. That is how you prove you are a citizen, not just by having a driver’s license, illegals have them too. Only permanent residents carry their permanent resident card also known as green card, by the way it is not green. Once you become a citizen you don’t have that anymore, you have a certificate, which you are not allowed to copy and should not carry with you; you can get a passport, something you don’t normally carry with you to work or to go grocery shopping.

This new law says that police can stop anybody and ask them to prove that they are here legally if the have the ‘suspicion’ that they are here illegally. What would make you suspicious that somebody is here illegally by just looking at them? Do you think they are going to stop a white, all-american looking man or woman? really?

During my time here I have volunteered in many places, even taught English as a second language. I have met people that told me that they came legally but overstayed, meaning they were now illegals, from Russia, Romania, Belgium, I don’t know what happened to them, if they went back or not, but the where all white, most of the blond, they would never get stopped on ‘suspicion’ of being illegal. I met a lady from China that told me stories about large numbers of people coming here illegally from her country. I have heard the same from Africa. But lets face it, it is true that the majority come from south of the border, so anyone that looks like they do is fair game. I belive that is called racial profiling.

What does an illegal alien look like?




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20 06 2010
Belinda Gomez

I carry my passport. And in most states, you have to prove your citizenship status to get a driver’s license–same with a voter registration card.

Don’t make excuses. The Irish in NYC and Boston have been subject to ICE raids and sweeps.

8 07 2010

Well you are the first person that I know that carries a passport with them at all times, except for foreign visitors. I have asked a lot of people about this and not one, with one exception you, carries their passport. Most people don’t even have one, those who, do told me they never carry it.

I have met illegal immigrants with driver’s licenses. I actually met one at the DVM getting his license renewed.

I know this couple, where is he a US citizen, of Mexican descent. They went to Canada for the day (they live in a border state) the were detained for 4 hours in the border coming back because he “looked too Mexican to be a US citizen”.

My point is that you can’t tell by just looking at someone if they are illegal or not, unless you do racial profiling.

11 07 2010

I will tell they are illegal eliens when they arrive here and start giving birth to kids with no job or house to live in it. draining our tax money and lying to get more help, free helth care for them when pregnant and for thier kids when they are born(medicaid , food stamps, housing, child care…) the list is long. it is not fair to the people who work and pay taxes but can not get child care because they are legaly here and make more then 50k a year.

11 07 2010

Hope, I don’t agree with illegal immigration and I hate when people take advantage of the system, regardless of where they come from.

But I am also an US citizen, work and pay taxes and don’t like when I am discriminated against because of my last name, because I have an accent. When people want to treat others as inferior because they might look different or make assumptions because of those differences.

I have met a lot of people that are collecting all of those government assistance programs, and have kids just with the purpose of taking advantage of the system, they spend the money in drugs, alcohol, hair and nails; they don’t pay taxes and don’t want to work, and are born in the US.

The entire systems need an ovehaul!!

20 07 2010

Totally agreed! Well said.

24 08 2010

Lost Immigrant in the Struggle World has no Identity. I am a Lost Immigrant. I once lived in the World called Something; I was raise in the World of Nothing; Now I live in the World of Lost…

16 09 2010
Johnny Peepers

I don’t know what an illegal alien looks like, but I do know what a fascist police state looks like (i.e., Amerikkka). In the U.S. you are suspected guilty until you can PROVE yourself innocent. The presumption of innocence was obliterated years ago along with First Amendment rights (most importantly free speech and free association), and reasonable expectations of privacy. Amerikkka had a good run (220+ years), but now it is only a bankrupt bully looking to terrorize the neighborhood.

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