It is easy to talk the talk when you don’t have to walk the walk

15 03 2010

Don’t you hate it when people that don’t know what they are talking about praise the benefits of communism? You may wonder, what is she talking about? I am talking about an actor by the name Sean Penn.

This is the guy that praises Castro and the represive government of Iran.

This fool, yes you are, appeared on a talk show defending the venezuelan president. He said that people that call him a dictator should be put in jail!?!?!?! He probably doesn’t know that that is just what a dictator would do. It is called Free speech, a democracy gives us the right to say what we please, express our opinion. The thing is that people that oppose the above mentioned “president” are put in jail.

Mr. Penn also said that Venezuela has had the most ‘transparent’ elections in the hemisphere… he is so right, they have all been clear as mud. When a person can lose their job, become unhirable, unable to get a passport, because they are in a black list, they are part of the list of people that did not vote for the president. I think you can call that transparent. It is transparent because people know that they will lose their livelihood if they don’t join and vote for the party and if they don’t wear the red t-shirt and march for the government when asked. He probably doesn’t know that parliametary elections (equivalent to senate and congress) are coming up and all of the candidates that have a shot at wining have been imprisoned, without any charges, so that they could not run because they are in jail. He did the same thing during the governor elections.

He claimed in this TV show that 80% of the population has access to wealth, that only 20% had before. He is just repeating like a parrot the government fed propaganda. He lives in the US, he is a millionaire, what does he know about what regular venezuelans go through every day. He can take a shower when he pleases, he can drink milk, eat beef, drink coffee and even put sugar in his coffee if he likes it sweet. If he is hot he can turn on the AC, when ever, and he can live in his home as long as he pays for it, without the fear that it could be taken over by the governement if any of the red officials wanted or decides that it is too big for you.

I have many people that I care for that live there and they tell me how much their lives have changed. Comunism and socialism in paper sound ok, but the truth is that reality is that they make all people equals, equally poor. Except of course for the people in power.

I have a friend that saved forever and bought a small condo, she thought it would be a good investment. She still leaves with mom while they finished the building and she made some improvements. She got a letter stating that if nobody occupied the apartment it would be confiscated, she wrote them back and announced she was moving in. She started decorating and the day she was moving in with her suitcases, she had been robed, everything, including the plates for the light switches, even the stick that hold the toilet paper on. The next day she received another letter saying that they knew she had not moved in, and that was her second warning, either she moved in or the apartment would be confiscated. Did I mention that my friend openly oposes the government?

I know many stories like this, but I am sick of talking about that guy. I worry about my friends that get robed on a regular basis and those who have been kidnaped more than once. Because the rate of death in Venezuela since this guy is in office is larger that that of the Iraqi war.

Sean Penn doesn’t know squat, go live there, but not the life of priviledge that the president’s friends and family live. Go live like a regular person and see how you like it…It is so easy to claim life is great for people there when you live in the US and can say what you want.




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