US Citizen held for 17 days and almost deported

30 08 2009

A US Citizen from Texas was detained in Michigan suspected of being an illegal alien because he was working as a migrant worker and looked Mexican. 

How many US citizens carry with them their birth certificate or passport?
Do you feel that you have to carry proof of your citizenship when traveling inside your own country????
If you do, please let me know why

This guy didn’t and he spent 17 days in jail:

For 17 days he was chained, jailed and threatened with deportation to Mexico. For 17 days Brigido Oregon, a West Michigan migrant farm worker from Texas, pleaded his innocence.

On the 17th day, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials confirmed he, indeed, was a U.S. citizen, and allowed him to leave jail.

You can read the whole article from the Muskegon newspapper here




3 responses

12 09 2009

Wow, this is really scary…I guess the moral of the story is if you’re hanging out with undoumented aliens, you better at least keep some photocopies of real documents in your pocket, and leave the originals at home so they don’t get lost or stolen.

13 09 2009

If you are a US born citizen you may want to carry a copy of your birth certificate (although that doesn’t have a picture), but if you are like me, a naturalized citizen, you have a certificate of naturalization that is illegal to photocopy.
There are people that work the fields in the US as migrant workers, they have permission to come in to the country, work during the harvest and then they have to leave, some don’t and stay illegally. But not all migrant workers are illegal aliens. This guy happened to be a US born migrant worker.

29 10 2009

Wow, this is really sick! I think authorities have to much power in the terms of going over your rights. Basically, if you are in courtroom and its your word against a policeman word the judge will go by what the policeman is saying. This is against presumption of innocence ( being considered innocent until proven guilty – is a legal right that the accused in criminal trials has in many modern countries. ) But here they turn it to “guilty until proven innocent”. What will be next? dictatorship? where is our famous democracy?

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