Way to go Honduras!!!

30 06 2009

In the last few days the Honduran senate and supreme court ousted a president that was set to disturb the democratic ways in Honduras, they call on the military to apprehend him and get him out of the country.

I think the only thing they did wrong was to get him out of the country, they should have detain him, have a trial and send him to jail.

For those who haven’t read or heard what this guy was up-to, he was a very rich rancher, business man, he became president and his term was supposed to end by the end of this year, he was supposed to transfer power in January of 2010. But lately he started the ways of Chavez and his other ‘friends’. He was calling for a vote to change the constitution so he could be re-elected. (same thing done by Chavez, Correa, and such)

The electoral authority said that according to the constitution, because of the coming elections (this fall), this type of consult could not be done. They could only be done 5 or 6 months after the new president took office. Of course this did not serve his purposes of staying in power indefinitely. So he was going to go ahead with the elections any way. He asked the military to provide support to the process and the Supreme court told them not to do so, so he removed the Chief military officer from his post.

Even though he was told repeatedly that those elections were illegal, he did not care about the rule of law. The day he was ousted planes sent by Chavez arrived with all the equipment to do this illegal (and most certainly rigged) election.

For these and other reasons he was removed and following their local laws Hondurans assigned the second in command to finish the presidential term.

I congratulate the people of Honduras, they had the foresight to stop the Cancer that Chavez and Cuba are spreading through Latin America. They have set forth the example for other countries to show that it can be done.

Chavez is complaining that Zelaya is an elected official and as such his rule should be respected, while at the same time, in his country he has disrespected all the elected officials that are not part of his communist movement. He has taken away funds, jurisdiction, offices, police force, and has assigned an overseer for only those Majors, Governors and other officials that were elected by the people and are not from his red party. He has eliminated all but one independent TV stations, and he has already ordered that the remaining one to be closed, by any means necessary… Every week they make up a new charge against them.

People take him as a crazy person and Bush’s White house just ignored him while he accumulated more and more power. There are no human rights or democracy left in Venezuela, following in his footsteps are Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua.

Chavez keeps saying that people should not be involved in a country’s own rule, but he and Correa have threaten to send troupes to Honduras to put Zelaya back. His intrusion in other countries is well know. There were a few street protest in Honduras and most of the people arrested were not from Honduras.

Varios groups that belong to the OAS have passed a resolution blocking comerce from and to Honduras, they same type embargo that they condemed a few month ago because it was done to Cuba.

I have read people complaining about Obama’s condemnation of the removal of Zelaya, I hope this is just a political move to make time, waiting until the Hondurans demonstrate that the move was within their rule of law; and once this is done the US as well as most of the world would recognized the new president. In his first interview Zelaya accused the US of being involved and I think that is what they are trying to dispel that.




One response

10 07 2009


I agree with you. Mel was never a leftist, but now he is. That is just a show. They (I mean Chavez’s fans club) have a path to follow: They fool their people by promising them to re-distribute richness. They insult the so called “rich people” (They are anything but poor) any time they have a chance. They disrespect their Constitution when ever it’s convenient for their purposes. They create a Constitution that fits their only personal purposes, and they finally will do anything to stay in the President’s chair as long as they can.

Prior to these events, Rafael Correa from Ecuador flew to Honduras to “coordinate” the re-election. Correa has his own experience on Ecuador. So, we all know what is this about. Chavez is just getting another ally on his club, that’s it.

They should’ve never take Zelaya out of the country. They should have judged him right there and put him in jail. Now, there is a huge problem. Mel Zelaya is acting as a victim among international public opinion, which HE IS NOT.

Now, I think they should let him return. They should judge him according to the law. And they have to anticipate elections. But, I think under any circumstances Zelaya should return to the presidency again.



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