Obama blew them out of the water!!

21 04 2009

I have been watching Obama’s trips overseas and he surprised me as I think surprised the rest of the world. He went to Europe and admitted the US responsibility on the global market crisis and also told the rest of the world that they are responsible as well and that all should work on it.

But when he went to the meeting of the American countries he blew them out of the water, even the crazy Chavez. I read the critics saying that he shouldn’t have  shaken Chavez’s hand, that he is sending the wrong message, they obviously know nothing about Latin America, the people, the culture and that explains how come their politics have been so wrong. Ignoring Chavez and not shaking his hand would have given him more power and more ammunition against the US.

After eight years of the US ignoring the neighbors to the south, and taking the countries that used to be allies for granted, now some of those allies are declared enemies or moving to the dark-side, because they found support and attention somewhere else.

Obama comes and says I admit we made mistakes and we want to start over, lets fix this. I am willing to work with you…and as you know when people apologise and tries to make a mend people turn around.

Chavez is like a spoiled child, a diva, he wants to always be the center of attention; he started rallying the countries that he is paying off, to boycott Obama and boycott the entire meeting. He was prepared to go against anything and Obama came without the famous US arrogance  he smiled, shacked his hand and said hello.  He was blown out of the water, so much so, that to get people’s attention back to himself, he had to run into a meeting to give Obama a book, he had to use Obama’s spotlight to be in the spotlight. Now in his country  they are asking him, why where you sucking up to Obama? You have said the you hate the US, are you a Yankee lover now? What is this about?

What a smile and a handshake can do, Obama acting like a true diplomat, and an intelligent man disarmed the uncouth and bloody military dictator.

The truth is that nobody can stand Chavez, but the people that surround him and the countries that support him are like leaches feeding of the oil and money he is giving away. His has almost absolute power in his country, but he is not as loved as people think, people are threatened to attend rallies and vote for him.

I hope that this is the first of more changes towards LatinAmerica and that we can help stabilize and rid the area of the totalitarianism cancer.




One response

1 05 2009

I loved reading your opinions on this, particularly as your own background is Latin America. I loved reading how Chavez was a diva, and had to get the spotlight back on himself by giving Obama a book, as well as people asking Chavez, what is this about???

Best regards,
Expat 21

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