The Power of Words

25 01 2009

I believe that words have the power we give them and just that.

I come from a planet where what you say is important but how you say it is just as important. So the words may have different meanings depending on the intention given when they are used. calling somebody fat can be offensive or a term of endearment.

I sometimes find myself repressing what I am going to say because I don’t know if I may be offending somebody. This country’s political correctness might be too repressive for my taste. You can’t say fat, it has to be overweight, no blind but visually impaired. Why are we so sensitive to words that we created?

We go as far as to have a funeral for a word and forbid people to use it. To me that gives that word a lot more power. That word is so powerful that people only dare to say N-word, only a certain group of people are allowed to use it. If anybody else uses it, the entire society goes up in arms. It is absurd!!

I went to a training to understand gay issues and I learned so much about what they go through; but one of the things that strikes me the most is that they told me that the were reclaiming the word “Queer”. They told me that this word was used to offend gays and that they were reclaiming it to take away that offensive meaning. I thought that was brilliant!

If we took away the meaning of words, that are not even the real meaning of those words, that were just  meanings given by people that were trying to make others feel angry, offended, minimized, we would be taking the power away from them.

Recently I got a comment to a posting called Illegal Immigration-Mexico’s double talk… this comment used the word “Beaners”, I responded back asking what that means, I know is a derogatory way of calling Mexicans, Latinos, Hispanics, illegal immigrants, I am not sure if is some of those or all, usually people that use terms in that way would not make a distinction between groups.

I am not offended because beaners doesn’t have any meaning or value to me, but I am curious to know what he was trying to say with that.

From my alien point of view, we should stop giving words so much power and start being more honest and open. We cannot be liked by everyone and we are bound to either offend or feel offended by what another person does or says. Let get rid of the egg shels and start communicating for real, lets clear the miss understandings and stop assuming.




3 responses

27 01 2009
Johnny Peepers

I agree with you. Words only have the power that we give them. Unfortunately, groups and governments employ psychological operations to limit word usage and/or stigmatize those that do not conform. By reducing the amount of words available to the individual, one’s ability to fully describe the world of experience is greatly diminished. Certain words are injected with negative connotation and used as a tool to divide. The pervasive victimhood mentality is maximized to further separate individuals based on immutable traits and lifestyle.

Free speech is under perpetual assault by the thought police. The U.S. may soon see “hate speech” legislation that criminally punishes individuals for the thoughts they harbored during the commission of a crime. In many European countries, individuals can be placed in prison for questioning the historical accuracy of the holocaust. Freedom of speech and freedom of conscience are critical components of a free society. I fear that soon we will be denied both.

28 01 2009

I’m just guessing, but perhaps beaners is referring to poor immigrants who can’ afford meat, and are subsisting on beans?

Expat 21

28 01 2009

Johnny, that is a scary thought.

Thanks expat, that might be it.


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