Modern day linchings; why promote hate?

26 12 2008

I have heard of several cases lately of Latino men being harassed, intimidated and even killed because they looked, seemed Latino. There was a case in Pennsylvania, where the assailants told the guy while beating him to tell other “Mexicans” to get out of town; and the authorities did not think it was racially motivated, because the men that beated the guy to death were “good Kids”. Republican herald wrote an article, you can find it  here; A fellow blogger has more on it Here.

The latest cases were one in Long Island, a man just walking down the street gets beaten to death by a group of men, and another in NY in a similar scenario, with the added factor that there were two brothers walking with their arms around each other and the assailants thought that there were not only hispanic but also gay.

Here are some other examples:

Hispanic Man Walks CBS 2 HD Through Similar Attack

This trend is being described as modern day lynchings… Can anybody explain to me why this happens?

What gives people the idea that they can just beat somebody to death because the look like the are Latino or the look like they are Gay. Yes, they beated people for their real or perceived ethnicity or sexual orientation.

But why? why is there so much hate and fear of people that are different from you that you feel the need to destroy them, what entitles a person to dispose of the life of others?

When people were being kidnaped in Irak and beheaded in from of a video camera people said that “those people” were savages; Then, what are we here? We take part in beating people to death, and these stories hardly take a few seconds of news coverage, when they are covered at all. Are we really the “civilized” ones?




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1 01 2009

I don’t understand this either, but the only explanation I can come up with is that some people always need someone “below” them to pick on, because that is the way they make themselves feel right or important, or “above someone,”–at least they are not on the bottom. Like a human “pecking order.”

Expat 21
“Expat Abroad”

1 01 2009

I see your point, they feel so bad about themselves they need somebody to look down upon, so they can feel they are not at the bottom.

I still don’t understand why the hate.

Being gay, having a ‘colored’ skin, or being from a different culture is nothing to fear or hate…

Thanks for your comments.

2 01 2009

Generally speaking, if you look at nearly every immigrant group in america from a historical perspective, there was a time when they were “on the bottom.” Then another group follows them, and some members of the previously bottom group start abusing those in the new group. One example in the 1800’s was the Irish. A more recent example was the Mexicans, followed by the Vietnamese (who have now surpassed the Mexicans, from what I understand). Of course it only takes a few bad people to tarnish the reputation of a whole group, and it doesn’t mean that most people are that way.

Expat 21

14 01 2009
Johnny Peepers

Happy belated New Years Di 🙂 I am looking forward to many more illuminating posts from your unique perspective.

Be Sweet

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