To kill or not to kill that is the question

19 09 2008

I was talking to a acquaintance of mine, who seems to be a Palin fan, and I asked her about the issue of abortion and capital punishment. She said that of curse she was against abortion and pro death penalty. I asked why? her explanation was not satisfactory to me. She said that abortion was a sin, but isn’t killing anyone a sin? therefore death penalty must be a sin as well.

She explained that this is part of the Christian doctrin. Abortion is wrong, but killing abortion doctors is okay. I am puzzled, really.

I would like somebody to explain the difference to me. This is how I see it, you don’t want to kill them before they are born, but you would kill them after they are born. A human being is that, at all stages of aging. To me…




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30 09 2008
Johnny Peepers

My understanding is that some Christians employ the pre-Christ Mosaic Torah law of “eye for an eye” to justify murdering convicted defendants. This stands in stark contradiction to the moral teachings of Jesus. A vigilante form of “eye for an eye” is employed to punish abortion doctors for past and present fetal terminations.

Whenever a segment of society has the power to enforce its religious beliefs on another segment there is sure to be disagreement and conflict. I find both abortion and the death penalty morally repugnant. Nonetheless, in a representative republic like the U.S., the majority viewpoint will generally prevail (outside of powerful special interest lobby power).

20 12 2008

I think politics and religion are getting mixed up here. I think many conservative Christians are Republicans (who tend to be against abortion and pro-death-penalty). Many more liberal Christians tend to be Democrats (who are anti-death-penalty, but pro-choice on abortion, many times).

Of course, the RELIGION says “Thou shalt not kill,” so neither side is following the religion, but instead following political ideas.

I hope that helps.

Expat 21
American “Expat Abroad” in the Middle East

21 12 2008

Thanks Expat and Johnny, I think the issue of separation of state and church is one that it is not followed. How can we protect the right of all, leaving the personal religious beliefs out of it?

I appreciate your comments, thanks again.


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