Immigrants are the source of pollution

15 08 2008

There is an anti-immigrant group that claims that immigrants legal or illegal that come to the US are the source of global warming…wow

According to this group ALL immigrants come from less developed countries where they would produce less carbon emissions, once they move to here they incease their emissions.

Would it be that we eat too many beans??



Here are some of their findings: 

  • If the 482 million ton increase in global CO2 emissions caused by immigration to the United States were a separate country, it would rank 10th in the world in emissions.
  • The impact of immigration to the United States on global emissions is equal to approximately 5 percent of the increase in annual world-wide CO2 emissions since 1980.
  • The estimated CO2 emissions of the average immigrant (legal or illegal) in the United States, are 18 percent less than those of the average native-born American.However, immigrants in the United States produce an estimated four times more CO2 in the United States as they would have in their countries of origin.U.S. immigrants produce an estimated 637 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually — equal to Great Britain and Sweden combined.
  • The estimated 637 tons of CO2 U.S. immigrants produce annually is 482 million tons more than they would have produced had they remained in their home countries.

Here you can find the Center for immigration Studies

So they want to stop immigration and maybe send people back to reduce global warming.

That got me thinking, if the native-born generate more emissions than the immigrants, what if instead of sending the immigrants back to their countries of origin we send the native-born to those countries where they would produce less emissions. Would that solve global warming?




3 responses

18 08 2008

Haha! Yeah, they are calculating Jose and Maria’s emissions… Ridiculous… I blogged about this too BTW and hope you don’t mind but put a link up to your blog.

24 09 2008
Common Sense

God Bless the Immigrants!

23 09 2009

yes send everyone to a place where they are polluting less and therefore have less. If your quality of life sucks then you most likely are polluting less so then yes for the sake of the planet we should all return to huts and caves and there should be no further development at all. Lets start with not lifting anyone else up further while simultaneously bringing those that are up down that way the people that are up can catch up to … or is the people that are down can catch up … ehhh either way the point is if humans are bad then why would you want more humans polluting more???

The earth is cooling its not warming and so there is nothing to worry about. This whole thing is ridiculous as is the hypocracy of the global warming crowd to be ok with immigration while blaming humans for it. Cant have it both ways.

There is no global warming … WE ARE COOLING DUHHH

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