14 08 2008

I have been posting on and off for a little while because we were in the middle of moving across country. I had some technical difficulties and I needed help fixing (not a techie). Here are the updates,


  • We moved back north. I am happy because we are closer to my husband’s family. For me family is everything and mine is way way far away…
  • some people asked me to update Mary’s situation, she is doing much better, Juanita (aka. Jane) was fired. She got caught with her fingers in the cookie jar. Embezzlement, forgery…the works. Mary is relieved, but she is still looking for another job, management never did anything to improve her situation,somebody said that because Juanita is minority they were afraid to do anything and get sued by her, crazy.
  • I am looking for a job too, although my boys, love to come home and find me here, with a home cooked meal. (when I say boys I include Hubby, ha 😉 ). If you know of a high paying job with little or nothing to do, send it my way… ha



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