Are we supposed to age or not?

25 07 2008

 I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and this woman passed by, and my friend said, “if I had her body I would do something about the face”. This woman has a great body and hair, and you can see that she is in her late forties, early fifties; but you can only see it in her face.


In this era of cult to youth, is it possible to age ‘gracefully’?

Do we have to go under the knife to appear younger than what we really are?



Get the boobs, the botox, the lifts, and die looking like a wax version of ourselves?Botox

I am all for taking care of yourself and looking good, but how far is too far? 

We see the Hollywood “role models” making themselves look like caricatures of themselves is that what we want?



I think we should learn to love ourselves, and every stage of life has its good parts, why not embrace them. That is just me…





One response

5 05 2011
Plastic Surgery

I agree with this, i think today people are too obsessed with looks and aesthetics. Most of these procedures make people look worse imo rather than better!!

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