Hostages Freed in Colombia

3 07 2008

This is one of the best news ever. People that had been taken hostages in excess of 5 years or more, have been freed thanks to an impeccable operation by the Colombian government.

Colombian president Alvaro Uribe has kicked the guerrillas butt and showed that it can be done.

Let me track back. There is a leftist group in Colombia known as FARC, they started as a leftist movement to turn Colombia into another Cuba; this was over 40 years ago. They have since become a fighting army of drug dealers. They use kidnapping for ransom and drug production and trafficking as means to support their cause.

What cause is that? I don’t think they even know anymore. They claim to want what is best for the Colombian people, but at the same time they perform terrorist attacks and plant mines in the farmers fields where regular people get killed or mutilated. The big guns are reportedly living large in neighboring countries while the regular revel soldier is hungry and working in the jungle. Some defectors have reported that there is no more ideology, they are trafficking drugs and making money, and all they want is to take Colombia by force.

Over the years they have received support from Cuba, some leftist groups in Europe, currently some Latin American governments and they have been discovered to have ties to the terrorist group ETA in Spain.

The Colombian government tricked them into moving some of the hostages, from three different locations, to be sent to the new commander in chief, the revels thought they were following orders and complied. They loaded the hostages into a helicopter and took off. To the surprise of all, the men were Colombian military disguised as revels and they subdued the only revel to flight with them. They freed 15 people, including three American military contractors, one Woman former Colombian presidential candidate and 11 police and military men. They did not fire one shot, they did not killed or injured one person.

They dramatically injured the structure of the FARC.

I am not Colombian, but I am very proud of Uribe’s courage and strenth. He has faced critizism from friends and foes, but he has remained firm in his convictions and is showing results. Congratulations to the people of Colombia!!!

Unfortunately there are still about 400 hostages in the jungles of Colombia, let’s hope they get released soon as well.




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2 08 2008

I agreed with you

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