Illegal Immigration – Mexico’s double talk – Do as I say, not as I do?

23 05 2008
The bulk of illegal immigration into the US comes from Mexico, that is a fact. Some of the illegal immigrants come from Europe, Asia, Africa and Central and South America. Some of the ones that come from Central America come through Mexico. But what happens to those Illegal immigrants while on route to the US?
It is surprising to most to find out that even thought Mexico demands dignity and human rights for its citizens in the US regardless of the their legal status, the Mexican government does very little to preserve the human rights of illegal foreign nationals in their country and they admit that there is abuse. When these illegal immigrants pass through Mexico in their way to the United States, they are often robbed, extorted, raped, and in general mistreated by many people and that includes the police.
Well now they seem to be doing something about it. The Mexican Congress voted earlier this month to remove the criminal penalties for undocumented migrants found in the country. This measure passed unanimously in the lower house a day after the Senate approved it. It is still pending the president’s signature.
Current law lays out punishments of 1 1/2 to six years, while the new measure makes undocumented immigration a minor offense punishable by fines equivalent to about $475 to $2,400.
Some Mexican officials acknowledged that the current harsh penalties weakened Mexico’s position in arguing for better treatment of its own migrants in the United States.
Congresswoman Irma Pineiro of the small New Alliance Party said Mexico has a moral duty to protect migrants.
“Mexico is politically and morally obligated to treat migrants with dignity and to make a commitment to human rights, as a country that both exports and receives migrants,” she said.
Lets hope that things change and they start practicing what they preach.





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23 05 2008

The decriminalization effort will have little practical effect other than enriching the Mexican government at the expense of the traveler. The abuse at the hands of the police, coyotes, and criminals will continue unabated. The police (especially in northern Mexico) are owned by the drug cartels. In effect, they operate outside of the law and bribe, beat, and rape without fear of punishment.

The measure was probably insisted upon by those who wish to increase immigration to the U.S. The intent is to spark a larger influx into the U.S. to dilute U.S. sovereignty over time. This will make the transition to the North American Union easier to impose. This involves the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the introduction of the Amero (currency), and the blurring of national identity distinctions.

23 05 2008
laura mendez

Fuck all those who just say Mexicans are the only immigrants. Black/nigros also come to the UsA like immigrants. WE ALL are immigrants in the end. Thats why they call America “The Mixed Country.”

23 05 2008

Dear Ms. Mendez, the keyword here is: ILLEGAL

Now, if you understand what ILLEGAL means, you will know that the MAJORITY
of ILLEGALS in America are of Mexican origin.

It’s not their fault however, it is the fault of the Whimp kneed American government to enforce the Immigration laws so the ILLEGAL mexicans and every other ILLEGAL alien coming to America would be required to adhere to the LEGAL immigration policy.

As long as American employers can continue to USE the ILLEGAL Mexicans for their own gaing and too avoid paying healthcare for them and avoid paying workers compensation and can fire them at will with no repercussions, they will.

Why hire a “LEGAL AMERICAN” that would cost the employer more per hour and would have to pay for their health insurance and they would have to pay
workers compensation when the “LEGAL AMERICAN” was injured.

Not to mention, its way easier to send an ILLEGAL down the road because there is no paper trail, ya know what I mean?

An of course, there is a serious problem with Mexican Drugs, and Mexicans gangs, etc…etc…etc…

By the way… Mexico is a country of great resources, including their people.

Unfortunately, the Mexican government if a bunch of lying, dictator thugs, who piss on their own kind and their own country then run off at the mouth about how America should help their own people.

What the hell is the PATHETIC MEXICAN GOVERNMENT doing for their people?


15 07 2008

Mexicans say that all people are immigrants but they forget that a lot of our forefathers came here legally. They didn’t ask for this and didn’t demand that. The flew the Americans flag with pride and were proud to be Americans. They learned to speak English including my own grandparents who came here in 1940 form Naples Italy.

22 01 2009
Brendan Hall

Fuck beaners!

25 01 2009

Brendan, could you explain to me what beaners is?



25 01 2009
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25 06 2009

Just let the border be open, then see what beaners will do to your public schools and education system. …like they already did to California’s. Talk about destruction of the middle class, Its gonna be The Bilderbergers (look it up) and the poor-ass sheep dumbfucks, nothing in the middle, goodbye american dream.

26 04 2010
TODAY we are all ARIZONANs! « Temple of Mut

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