Being Color Blind

21 05 2008

Can people be really color blind? No!! unless you have a psychical condition that does not allow you to see or differentiate colors, no my friend you are not color blind.

That said I believe that there is a possibility of being race blind. This is how I explain this, when I see people, I can see their skin color, their hair texture, their features, those things defined as race, but I do not have personal characteristics attached to those physical traits, I do not have an expectation of how they are supposed to act, speak, think or feel, because of those physical characteristics.

Do you think they care abour race?They can see that their colors are different, but can they see race?
no, that is the social construct that separates…remember divide and conquer? Until they are socialized one way or the other, they don’t see their race or skin color as good or bad.

Would it be nice if we could stay that pure and innocent?

 As I have said before I grew up in a society of mixed people, so mixed that regardless of you skin color and your partner’s, you never know which skin color your babies are going to be…A  pure mixed race…:)

So growing up, I saw differences in skin tone, which meant nothing. Maybe some appear prettier that others, usually the guys and girls with the darker skin where more appealing to the ones with lighter skin and vice verse. More mixing… I know, shame on us trying to keep the race pure…

 I have talked to people from other South American countries and their experience have been different. Some countries have racism between Native Americans and Whites, I did not know.

If you grow up in a country like the US that has such a racialized culture, it is impossible for you not to have certain prejudices.  Internalized biases and stereotypes that you may not even realize. I know it is very difficult to admit. I don’t care what is your racial group, the media, the books, the society, the culture as a whole has this race thing.

So how to solve this?? the million dollar question, well…the first step is to admit it, to yourself. Look inside yourself and see your own biases, what do you think of Whites? Blacks? Asians? Latinos? Do you find yourself generalizing, saying those XXXX always or never do this or that?Those foreigner, why don’t they just learn how to speak English?

I think admitting it is first, then you have to have the will to make a change a CONSCIOUS EFFORT, so that you can catch yourself every time you keep falling into the old thought patterns. I did not say it was easy.

I fight with this too, I have been living in the US for ten years now, and I find myself falling into believing the stereotypes and I have to keep vigilant, and I do not know all of the stereotypes…or what they mean sometimes. I am fortunate not to have the racism, but it is easy to fall into the trap of believing the stereotypes and acquiring the biases. It is so easy it is scary!! I am trying not to assimilate that part of the culture but it is so pervasive that it requieres effort.

Different colors


So How many people what to join the movement toward an integrated society where we do judge for appearances? Would it be nice if we did not judge period?


I like the things Martin Luther King Jr. said and I don’t think he was speaking just for one group of people, I think his message was for all, so I am going to end with a couple of quotes from him:

“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it”.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Share your thoughts, don’t be shy… I want to know what you think!




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