Oh my Good I might be a Coconut!!!!

16 05 2008

Someone told me that she would never call her kid Bobby because “that  is what white people do”, or would not use this or that expression because that is “how white people talk”.  

I have heard that if you are Latino and act white you are considered a coconut, so I started analyzing myself and trying to figure out if I am doing any of those things.

This got me thinking, do I do white things…could I be a coconut. I was determined to find out.  

 First I went to the source…Stuff White People Like of course. I checked their list and started to get scared because I like:

Living by the water (would like)
Dogs and cats
Love kitchen gadgets
The daily show
Love to travel
Learning about other cultures
Expensive sandwiches, well I love Panera Bread.

I stopped reading, no, no this can’t be. I was getting nervous, could it be true, then someone said people of color are always late and are disorganized.

OMG!! I love punctuality and order!!! (and I used the expression OMG)

My anxiety started raging, my heart started pumping faster. What if I am one of those that betrays their own people, could I be?

But then I started thinking, well I still love:

Beans (with or without rice)
My parents (and extended, very extended family)
Chicken (friend, baked, smoked, grilled, broiled)
Corn (tortillas, arepas, pupusas, gorditas)
I like parties, not just conversation parties but Latino parties, loud with food, music and dancing.
I love, loooooove to dance


My breathing got slower, deep breath…okay this is looking better.


I still like Yoga, natural foods and want to learn other languages… Oh my, I am hyperventilating again. Take deep breaths…. remember to breathe…


I started to check what other ethnic groups like. Well I also like:


Love Bbq ribs
Looove passion fruit, mango and guava
Cooking for friends and family
Grape and orange pop/soda
Falafel and shwarma
Gold jewelry
Speaking with my hands
Tabule and babaganuj
Hugging and kissing (almost everybody)
Having a ton of friends over
Did I mention I love dancing?


Whew! I guess I share likes with many different cultures, I might not be a coconut after all, I think I am more of a fruit salad, with different tastes, shapes and colors…


I guess I am just like everybody else…





3 responses

16 05 2008

Now I’M confused. Witht he exception of gold (or any) jewelry both lists you have here describe me as well.
Could it be I’m not white???


I treat women too well

Maybe you are an Alien like me, and you just don’t know it….yet

31 01 2009

It’s very sad when people reduce other people to their race, it’s more sad if people let themselves reduced to their race.

I am really shocked of what you’ve written. Who has to tell you what you have to like and what not? It is YOUR decision, not other people’s. Why do people have to struggle instead of living together? It’s because they think they are better than others. It’s stupidity to do things you don’t really want to do just because it’s typical for your race. Or to give up things because they are typical for other races. In my opinion you should be true to yourself- and if you like to do something, then do it independend of what it’s standing for.
And what is coconut for a characterisation? If you don’t grew up in your country of origin, but in a western country which has a completely different culture, it’s quite impossible not to receive “western” behaviour. What’s the problem? I am originally from Srilanka but my parents went to Germany. I was born in here in Germany. I do the things I want to- I dont care if it’s Srilankan or German. I think you should be content with the things you do

There is no behaviour/favour reserved for one race.

Integration is expected anyway and without it it’s hard to get along. So I do not understand why people are talking about ‘Coconut’

31 01 2009

Pathma, I agree with you and in a way that is the point I am trying to make with this blog. This posting is a satirical representation of the race, stereotype issues.

I am thankfull that I moved to a racialized country old enough to know better than let other’s expectations of my percieved or assigned social group affect the way I live my life or conduct myself.

I have encouter a lot of nice people that don’t want to put me in a box and accept me as I am, a crazy fruit salad; but I have also encouter people that want to put me in a box where I cannot fit, and they have trouble trying to push a star into a round hole.

I am happy with my self and would like people to feel free to be themselves instead of an image of society’s expectations of race.

Thanks for your comment,


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