Keeping an open mind

29 04 2008

Today I was talking to a friend and she said that I was being prejudiced because I said I only like black. I guess my argument, that I grew up with black and I was used to it, didn’t not dissuade her. So I decided to open my mind and give others a try. 

 I will try white, and since I don’t know how to deal with them I will treat them the same way I do blacks.

 First you have to select them very carefully, look for really good ones. Then they need to be cleaned, they tend to be dirty and sometimes they have rocks with them. I like to use very hot water.

 I wonder how long it would take me to soften them till they do what I want. The black ones can be thought to break down; I wonder if the white ones would be easier to soften up.

 I like to soak them for a few hours; I give them onions, peppers, garlic, spices and water to engorge them, if they are full they are easier to break.

 What would be good spices for whites? Can I use the same I use for blacks? Well, I am going to try and see what happens.

 After a few hours in the hot water they should be soft and ready to go.

 Can wait to eat the whites and see if there is a difference in flavor. I think I will try other colors, maybe red should be next.

Just thinking of a nice bowl of creamy beans makes me so hungry… Real comfort food.




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