ICE Plans to Deport All Undocumented by 2012, in “Operation Endgame”

28 04 2008



So does this mean that once the wall is ready and Operation Endgame is done, there will be no more Illegals? I guess we will finally be safe and so will be our jobs.



SAN FRANCISCO — Recent nets cast by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) captured hundreds of undocumented immigrants at worksites nationwide. In their wake, say immigrant rights advocates, family members and attorneys for those arrested struggle to find their loved ones and clients. As ICE expands, though, so will the deportations, the so-called “golden measure” of its success.

The raids form part of “Operation Endgame,” ICE’s strategic plan for “removing all removable aliens” by 2012. They come after years of increased emphasis on enforcement of federal immigration law, according to Black. “There has been a huge ramping up of resources to make this happen.”

You can read the rest of the article here

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One response

1 05 2008

I think it is DHS disinfo. Congressional reports indicate that the wall is ineffective (it was designed that way) and virtual fencing technologies are years away. The operative phrase here is “removable aliens.” That narrows the playing field quite a bit.

The selective raids are only a dog and pony show to appease the xenophobes, racists, and scared Whiteys. Latinos will not be deported in massive droves – it is impossible. The government consciously desires the mixing of American and Latino peoples, cultures, and labor markets. NAFTA and CAFTA were preludes for a unified North American Union to compete on a global scale with the EU and Asian Pacific Union.

I know deportation is happening to many and there is real fear, but the odds of it happening wide-scale are mininal. It is fear-based propaganda designed to appeal to the proles. And remember, this is an excellent justification for imposing martial law and militarizing local police departments in case the “terrorist” fear-mongering charade loses its efficacy.

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