Body of student who died in Cuba was returned without brain and internal organs

24 04 2008

A women from Bolivia went to Cuba to go to medical school, she died of an undertemined illness and was retuned to her country with no internal organs. 

 The family of Beatriz Porco Calle, a young Bolivian girl who died from a rare illness while she was studying in Cuba, denounced that the Cuban government removed her brain and several internal organs before shipping the body back to Bolivia.


Local authorities told Bolivian newspaper Los Tiempos that they are investigating the case.


Sofia Porco Calle, a sister of the victim, told Los Tiempos that the Cuban Embassy in Bolivia notified the relatives  that the girl had died, and told them that her body was going to be shipped back to Bolivia.


The woman told the newspaper that several Cuban officials who came on the same flight wanted to take the body of her sister to another city to conduct an autopsy, but the family intervened and didn’t allow the body to be moved.


“The autopsy was performed at the Hospital de Clinicas. My little sister’s body didn’t have any organs, teeth, eyes, it was without her tongue. There was a sponge in place of her brain and more sponges in her stomach,” the woman said during the press conference.


The most incredible part of the story is that Cuban officials told the relatives of the dead student, that the deal that they signed with the Bolivian government says that those students who die while in Cuba will be sent back without their organs.


An uncle of the dead student told journalists that Cuban officials “threatened” the family with reprisals if they made the case public.


The Cuban government gives no explanation to what happened to this student, they talked about a brain aneurysm and later they changed to an unexplainable terminal illness.  Why would they want to take her organs, her eyes, brain, genitals, tonge, even her teeth?  There has been a lot of speculation that goes from organ trafficking to vodoo…


 Read more about it here and in spanish here





One response

6 05 2008

I feel sorry for the Bolivian girl and also for her family. What happened to her was so tragic. What could have the Cuban government done with her body? They don’t have any reasonable explanation given to the public and to the family of the Bolivian girl.


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