Raising money Kwami and his ‘alleged’ misstress

23 04 2008

I was watching the news and I was baffled. The Mayor of Detroit and his ‘alleged’ mistress have groups of people raising money for their defense.

All of us saw the video of them testifying under oath, then we saw the text messages contradicting their sworn testimony (I believe that is called perjury), then they admitted and apologized for the text messages. She quited her job. He said he would not go away.

I really could not care less about them having an affair; but they used and abused their power, used tax payers money, they fired the cops that investigated them and destroyed their careers, they lied in court and now they claim they are being prosecuted unfairly… give me a break!!

I hope they don’t get away with it. I think those things only happen in corrupt governments. There are charges filed against them for the things that I mention and more. I really hope that justice can be served and I can still believe in the system. I don’t want to see politics and influence working to give them a slap on the wrist.

I was reading in the news how most of the judges in the District Court that is supposed to hear the case donated money either to Kwame or his mother’s campaign.

I remember last year when Christine Beaty was stopped for speeding, and she said to the police officer “do you know who I am?” I think everybody knows now.

What an embarrassment!!






One response

23 04 2008

It is baffling Di, but understandable if you look at the political power structure. Mayor Kwami is a stooge for a variety of special interest groups. He directs controls millions of dollars of city contracts for interested parties. The people that put him into power need him to stay in power, or the jig is up. Any decent, moral, and honorable man would have stepped down long ago. Politics corrupts, period. Kwami is not in control of his destiny.

Johnny, I guess I want to believe…I know is naive, I want to believe people have the best intentions. Thanks for bringing me back to reality…;)

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