Alien clarification… on Dumb questions post

16 04 2008

Recently I wrote a post called Dumb questions people ask me. Some people asked me to do Dumb questions part 2, while thinking about it I received a comment that stated that “the ‘country’ is not ignorant”, so I felt I needed to clarify.

I don’t think the country is ignorant, I do not think that the people who asked the questions are stupid, they are miss informed. Judging the entire country by the actions of a few is ridiculous to me. That got me thinking that this would be like saying that because some white people are racist, therefore all whites are racist, or that because there are Black men in jail for committing crimes I should be afraid of all Black men, or that because there are some Mexican gangs I should assume that all Latinos are in gangs.

Then I realized that some people think like that, BIG, humongous generalizations that really don’t apply to the group, but just to a few. That helped me understand this person and where he/she was coming from. I have to thank him or her, for helping me figure this out. It helps me understand why when any of the other Latinas in my office says something I get in trouble too. We are like the Borg, sharing the same brain…;)

I think ignorance can be found everywhere and anywhere, no country, religion, race, or social group has the exclusive on either knowledge or ignorance. My posting had the attempt to be amusing and maybe to make people check their own assumptions, but never to try to make “the country” look stupid. I think nobody can accomplish that task, there is enough proof to the contrary.

Only thinking of oneself or LOCAL, seems narrow minded to me. One of the purposes of my blog is to open a mind, if only a sliver, to the views from the other side. Help people see how the other thinks or views the world.

I think than I am no better than you and you are no better than me, we are the same but different and learning about each other is enriching, makes us better.




One response

16 04 2008

Many Americans suffer from an arrogant myopic mindset. They believe American is the most righteous, just, and moral country that ever existed in the history of mankind. They are programmed to feel this way through media and news propaganda and isolated information dissemination.

Unfortunately, this ignorance extends into the arena of race relations. Whites are socialized to feel superior, Blacks are socialized to feel victimized by Whites, the government, and the workplace, Latinos are taught to feel like Third-World outsiders (because that is how they are treated). Unifying peoples with differing backgrounds is threatening to many, including the politicians, unions, civil rights groups. law firms, the media, and many others. Many benefit from perpetuating this dischord, hate, and lack of societal harmony. I appreciate you doing your small part to break down these erroneous stereotypes.

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