Alien Migration

15 04 2008


There has been talk about earth being visited by aliens, are they real or aren’t they?


These aliens seem to be vacationing, what if they want to migrate here?


Where would be the official port of entry? What type of ID are we going to ask for? Do they have and intergalactic passport? Is that passport good for the US, how about Europe? Do they need visas?


So many questions flood my mind. Do we need them to be vaccinated against our diseases or theirs? What if they have a disease that makes us grow a third boob, get a bigger head or grow a second bellybutton? What do we do? Get another piercing so both bellybuttons match?


How do we know that they are aliens? Can they pass? A lot of people pass for white or African American, maybe they could too, and blend in… How are we going to discriminate against them if we can’t tell them apart?


What if they want our jobs? What if they are smarter than we are? What if the smell funny when they get wet? What if they don’t know how to drive? What would happen to the air traffic, are we going to have air traffic jams because they drive too slow?


Ohh no! what if they don’t speak English? would we need bilingual Alien education? Are the phone messaged going to say ‘press 1 for English, 2 para Español, 3 #r%Y&U(J()R%E’.


What if they are like Latinos and have more than one race? Would the census be? Mark all that applies:

·        Human

o       White

o       African American/Black

o       Asian

o       American Indian or Alaska Native

o       Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

o       Two or more races

o       Hispanic or Latino of any race

§ White Hispanic

§ Black Hispanic

§ American Indian and Alaska Native Hispanic

§ Asian Hispanic

§ Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander

§ Some other race

§ Two or more races

·        Alien of any race

o       White Alien

o       Black Alien

o       American Indian and Alaska Native Alien

o       Asian Alien

o      Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Alien

o       Some other race

o       Two or more races



What if they have two hearts? Once they get used to our food they would tax our health systems even more, “he has been eating too many BigMac’s he had a double heart atack!!!”




I can just see our way of life going down the tube, people that look different and speak different, strange food, different languages spoken, mixed marriages, new religions (making accommodations for other religions) What if the bring alien drugs or Alien gangs? Aliens always have gangs.




Well on the bright side, we could have a new scapegoat, someone to blame for our ills; we could crack down on space illegals on election year…yeahhh…




Aliens waiting





3 responses

15 04 2008
Scott Sleek

I also worry that rich people might start hiring little green women as nannies for their kids, and then get into trouble if they get a presidential nomination. (Remember Zoe Baird?)

16 04 2008

I visited a racist blog the other day, (I know, I should have stayed away). Anyway, I really got upset with the racial hatred the bloggers were blogging and so I wrote, “that’s ok, we’ll all be brown in about 10 – 20 years. There will be no more black and white – we all will be some form of brown, including your grandchildren and great-grand children-then you won’t have to worry about this ignorant hate you sprew any more. Well . . . I won’t be visiting there again. The responses were so evil and hatefilled, I was dismayed that people really can have that much hate for someone based upon the color of skin. I’m sure that if these people could they would have me eradicated! Well it’s such a blessing to know that all are not full of hate and ignorance. Thanks for sharing your differences and likenesses with us. Also, thanks for giving us some humor on an otherwise too serious day! I certainly needed that laughs. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

16 04 2008

Cordieb, thanks again…

I have seen some of those racists sites as well, and it makes me sad to see so much hate directed towards people just for being different. I saw one with little girls singing racist songs, that should be considered child abuse, filling innocent minds with hate.

I am glad you enjoyed my attempt at humor…

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