Dumb questions people ask me

10 04 2008



This are questions and statements people make that are just dumb!


  • When they heard me speaking Spanish, people have asked me where I learned how to speak Mexican?

  • When I say I come from South America, some say “what part of the south, Alabama, Mississippi?”     


  • Can you help me find a good gardener?    


  • People asked me what village do I come from and they cannot believe that there are cities, buildings, highways, subway system, or stock exchange where I come from.



  • Someone asked “can you tell me how to spot an illegal immigrant?”    


  • Most people assume that Latin America is just Mexico. Hello, there are 20 countries and they are not jungle, with snaked and natives. There are very distict cultures as well.  


  • I was asked if my south American country was next to Spain…since I spoke Spanish.
    When I explained that South America and Spain where separated by the Atlantic,
     this person did not believe the Atlantic ocean was that big of a distance!?!?!    


  •  Someone wondered why the US was the only country in the world that was divided into states; she thought the other countries were not divided at all.    


  • Since you come from Latin American what language do you speak, Latin?





10 responses

10 04 2008

ya know, I’m American, and thats just horrible that you have to go through the ignorance of this country, keep on livin’, and don’t worry. There are people like me out there, that treat others with respect and common knowledge is common knowledge.


10 04 2008
Brian Alexander

Those ?’s are Sad but true and funny that people are that out of touch. Good blog.

10 04 2008

i have a mexican cousin and live here in spain
some neighbors of mine asked him if he knew what a television was..
haha and if he had electricity and so on..
it’s a little bit confusing what people think..

and when i was in mexico.. people i worked with asked me which bus i was going to pick to go back to my home (i live here in spain..) so i said.. there was no bus at least you put it on a boat and try to arrive in spain hahahaha


12 04 2008

Hi there,
Fellow immagrant, born in Russia. Looking forward to reading the humor post about the mishaps that are inevitable, I have a few ones of my own.
It is sad to see that little has changed in how immagrants are treated. thank you
Thanks to Johnypeeprs for leading me to this site. Veronica

12 04 2008

Veronica, I hope you will share your mishaps with us as well. I am looking forward to them. Thanks. Di.

15 04 2008
a young curmudgeon

The “country” is not ignorant at all. People have LOCAL knowledge. Ask a person in Sao Paulo what he knows about Russia, for example.

Because the US is the most powerful and prominent country, and US culture has hugely influenced the lives of billions, everyone knows something about the US. Assuming people in the US know stuff about YOU seems to me to be ignorant.

And actually, the fact that the US is divided into states is a peculiar feature of the constitutional basis. Decentralization, federalism and local government are mostly peculiar to the US, and part of its success.

I’d really like to go on a tour through mexico and ask people questions, to prove how “stupid” they are. People just know LOCAL stuff, and for good reason, because the systemic, big stuff doesn’t influence their particular situation that much and is mostly beyond their power to influence anyway.

16 04 2008
Alien clarification… on Dumb questions post « My life as an Alien

[…] clarification… on Dumb questions post 16 04 2008 Recently I wrote a post called Dumb questions people ask me. Some people asked me to do Dumb questions part 2, while thinking about it I received a comment […]

25 04 2008

I laughed at this like there was no tomorrow.

I think this misinformation is mostly because for years US citizens have been living in a bubble… not in the bad sense, I mean, if your country is offering you everything you need and seems to be producing the best of the best, why would you need to know about the outside?

I am Colombian, and althought I’ve never been out of the country, I have extensive knowledge about cultures, geography, weather, people of other countries.

The things is, I’ve always lived in function of my desire to emmigrate and travel the world. So it makes sense I know these things.

I still think some US citizens could look out of the window a little more. But I know that many of them do anyway. I’ve talked to very intelligent and educated people from the US.

Again. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

BTW, May I ask where were you born?

16 01 2009

You cracked me up

1 05 2009

And all these silly questions, after President Bush’s eight-year-program on “No Child Left Behind….” I guess it’s the adults who got left behind!

Expat 21

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