Would racial relations change if Obama wins?

1 04 2008

Last night I was watching a political analyst talk about racial relations in the past, the current situation, and what could possibly happen.

He explained that the first immigrants to the US were White Anglo Saxon Protestant or WASP, and that the following waves of immigrants were forced to assimilate. They were discriminated against until they assimilated and blended with the WASP culture.

With the African slaves being freed they faced another problem as they felt this group could “tarnish their way of life”. After the Sixties and the civil rights movement most African American have lived in a parallel culture. This as well as affirmative action has created a lot of resentment among the conservative WASP’s.

I have notice this, I explained before that I work with mostly African Americans and for the most part they have a separate parallel culture. I agree that there is a lot of resentment from both sides.

According to this analyst the current fly in the soup is the Hispanic/Latino immigration, legal of illegal. Apparently the latest waves of migration are not assimilating.

He said that the proliferation of Spanish radio and TV stations sends a chill down the conservative WASP’s spine; and it is contributing to the anti-immigrant sentiment. The show’s moderator interjected that the second generation of Latinos speak only English and are assimilated. He explained that it is not fast enough.

He explained that there is fear that Los Angeles could turn into another Miami. For those who don’t know this, there are signs on store fronts in Miami that say “English spoken.”

The US doesn’t have an Official language, as I understand it has to do with agreements made when some of the south, southwestern and western states were incorporated. Because of the languages already spoken by the local inhabitants.

How do they manage in Canada, they have two official languages?

Of course I do not understand this fear, I am one of the Alien flies in the WASP’s soup. But I also think that I am also a fly in the  African American soup.


Can anybody explain this to me, please? Looking forward to it!

Well this analyst said that the racial relations are somewhat weak and tense. He said he fears what would happen if Obama wins the presidency, and that very conservative groups could attempt against his life. I hope he is wrong.

How could racial relations be affected if Obama wins? Would they improve? Can having an African American president tip the balance in a positive way?

I have too many questions, I know. I need answers…




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3 04 2008

I will try my best to answer your question. You can post follow-up questions and I can address those.

Growing up and living in majority African-American cities and schools, I have a good understanding on AA culture. Since they were not voluntary immigrants, were treated as chattel, and mutilated and hung from trees, they have a bit of trouble assimilating. The greatest damage done to AAs was the civil rights legislation and the assorted welfare programs that displaced the Black man from his nuclear family. Welfare checks, food stamps, and subsidized housing created a disincentive for the Black man to stay with the mother of the child. As a result, you have an illegitimacy rate in the 80% range. In 1950 it was 10%.

With the Hispanics it is a little different. They are doing the same thing the Anglos since the beginning of the U.S. – looking for a better living. Most first, and some, second generation residents will not speak English as first language. There is growing resentment by the AAs against the Hispanics. Since the Hispanics are growing through immigration and a high birth rate, they are displacing the AAs as the Democrat plantation voting bloc. What I mean is that the Democrats hand out benefits, subsidies, welfare, etc. to their chosen voting bloc. This is done to force a vote for their party out of dependence to the tax-dollars forcibly extracted from other citizens. In a way it is legal slavery.

I do not think Obama would hurt race relations – he would improve them in my opinion. His policies would be disastrous and further bankrupt this nation, and that may cause resentment, but it cannot be targeted to his racial composition. If anyone tries to kill Obama it will be the CIA. White racists do not kill presidents or famous civil rights leaders. They are too inept and are cowards for the most part.

3 04 2008

Johny thanks for your answer, your comments are always to the point and not the PC version that I get from some people. I was wondering about the issue of gender; in my culture Obama would win hands down, because race is not an issue but gender is. How do you think it would play out, besides the issues what plays a more important role in the minds of the US that Hilary is a woman or white, that Obama is a man or black?

3 04 2008

The overwhelming emphasis placed on Hillary is the fact that she is a woman. White people are the default President, so her race is of no importance. We have never had a woman president, but every U.S. president has had testicles.

With Obama his race is the predominant factor for the same reasons. We have never had a Black president. The PC MSM is obsessed with who will win the racee/gender war. It is silly really. Zero emphasis is placed on their qualifications and skills. Both are devoid of the experience necessary tobe the executive in chief. Both are artfully crafted media constructs that appeal to small-minded voters who desperately want other peoples money in the form of universal healthcare, tax credits, social security benefit increases, Medicare…

I want the most qualified person (black, women, or transgender) in the highest office in the land.

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