26 03 2008

One Sunday afternoon we found this wonderful animated show called Pocoyo. 


 Pocoyo is a show for preschoolers, it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. We could not stop watching. This show is very well made, it is currently all over the world and translated to many different languages. What I liked the best was that it is incredibly innocent and enjoyable.

The show is about Pocoyo a 3 year old (dressed in blue) and his friends and their little adventures. His friends are Pato (duck in Spanish), Eli a Pink elephant, Lula a dog, and even an octopus.

Here is a link to their website and their official blog

For a taste of Pocoyo, I have a video here, and you can find them in different languages in Youtube.




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5 08 2008
Pocoyo USA Team

We are glad that you love the show. Pocoyo is broadcast in English in select PBS stations nationwide and in Spanish 3 times daily on Discovery Familia. For the latest broadcast schedule, please visit: http://www.myspace.com/pocoyousa.

If your local PBS station doesn’t air Pocoyo, please send them an e-mail telling them that you would like to see Pocoyo on the air. All PBS stations have Pocoyo on their programming menu and will broadcast the show if they get requests from their viewers.

Thanks for the support!

28 12 2009

Pocoyo home a poto book go hoome Pocoyo World Game

28 12 2009

Pocoyo World

28 12 2009

Pocoyo World Book Pato Home Pato”s Home And Ell”s Home Pocoyo”s Home

28 12 2009

Pocoyo Book Game Home Pato Elly Pocoyo

28 12 2009

Pocoyo World Is The World Pato Elly

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