23 03 2008

I grew up in a homophobic culture, I have never considered myself that, but after living here for a while I can say I was a homo-ignorant.

I have always thought that I had an open mind, but since I moved to the US I have realized how much more it has and could open. I can really appreciate the openness that I perceive here toward the LGBT community.

Not too long ago I was at a diversity summit and I was talking with the man that was heading the LGBT display. He needed to go and ask me to stand there for a while until his replacement came. While I was waiting an Alien, like me, came by and started reading the display. He was from a different part of the world, but just like me Alien. He looked at me and asked “what is Homophobia?” I tried to explain the best I could and then I thought of the meaning of the word, homophobia = fear of homosexuality.

Fear that is the fuel for hate. I came to the realization that some people hate homosexuality and gender difference and all of it, because they are afraid. Most people on the LGBT community may say now DUUUH… It was an epiphany for me, okay?! LGBT people are Aliens in their own planet, for some people.

I believe that this culture, US culture, is a lot more open than the one I come from and I know that information and keeping and open mind is the only way of tearing down those barriers that still exist. I am a information/knowledge junky, so I safezone.jpgsafezone.jpgwatch shows on discovery channel about LGBT, issues I watch the Logo channel to learn about the culture, I ask questions when I feel it is appropriate and I even signed up for a training so that I can be a safe person for them to turn if they need a friendly face.

Some people think that homosexuality is contagious, that it can be brought upon by your parents attitude, or that it is a choice. I know that there is a lot of judgment from all sides and I pity those that miss having wonderful friends and meeting exceptional people for fear of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

I can say I am not LGBT-literate, but I am a little less ignorant and my mind has opened a lot. I still have a lot to learn. I truly believe that we are all the same, and I act accordingly…Do you?





One response

24 03 2008

Good for you. The ignorance is perpetuated in a divide and conquer strategy. By fostering competing camps of citizens (LGBT vs. homophobes), the government can effectively control both by pitting them against each other. When humans recognize these artificial man-made barriers and reject them, our handlers lose their power to manipulate and control us. Freedom of conscious and spiritual one-ness is a universal concept that will emerge in the new paradigm, despite attempts to destroy it.

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