Immigration Raids in Michigan

22 03 2008

I attended a meeting this morning at a local church where people told their personal stories about their recent encounters with Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE. In the past couple of weeks there have been several raids in Washtenaw County, aided by Ann Arbor and Pittsfield Township police departments. It is heartbreaking to hear their stories.

I understand the sentiment that people have against illegal or undocumented immigration, but there has been a campaign to dehumanize those people that feel the need to risk their lives coming here to work and try to make a better life for their families.

There were stories of areas targeted because of large Latino populations. There is an apartment complex where a lot of Latinos live; all of the people that I have met that lived there were college students. Well they raided there, just for their looks. I think that is called racial profiling.

I also heard the story of a 20 year old woman that was detained, after the verified that she had no criminal record she was told she could be let free on bail the following day…That did not happened. She was detained in Detroit and spent two weeks being shuffled to different detention center all over the country, living among convicted murderers and dangerous criminals. Each time she was moved she was subjected to strip-searches and other humiliating practices. I thought that law enforcement officials were trained to be able to distinguish between dangerous criminals and people that are not a risk to anybody. She was finally released two weeks later in the US Southwest. She is now awaiting deportation.

I also heard stories of abuse, interrogation techniques that border in torture, women separated from their children who are latter released and cannot find the whereabouts of their children.

There were stories about employers’ mistreatment, unpaid wages, and even banks that would open savings accounts to latter deny access to their money for lack of documents.

I know… Why do they come in the first place?

Well  I also learned about how US foreign policies and agreements have contributed to increase the impoverishment of other countries; and about the way in which these foreign workers contribute to the US economy. I want to learn more about these two issues, I don’t know enough to form an opinion.

My point here is not whether it is right or not for them to be here. My point is the subhuman treatment some of these people receive. I would like for people to put a human face to this issue and not see them as disposable labor, unwanted “Brown” people, pests invading our cities.

If your family was facing starvation, wouldn’t you do whatever you can for your parents, siblings, and children?  Some people are born with all odds against them, with little or no choices. We can’t compare a person born here to a disadvantaged family, to somebody born in some of those countries. Even most pets have a better live than some of those people, there is even a special police to protect them.

A lot of people in this country have a better regard and treatment for their pets… Does this make any sense??




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24 03 2008

The immigration raids are largely targeted against corporations and smaller companies that are competitors for the Bush administration. The U.S. government has no intention of stifling the flow of immigrant labor into the U.S. If they can occupy Iraq with 160,000 troops and protect the “green zone”, they could protect U.S. borders from foreign migrants.

It is not the policy of this government to reduce the influx of immigrant labor. They pretend it is and the isolated raids are designed to convince the American people that this is the goal. With the available technology, the border could easily be policed electronically. The long-term goal is to flood the country with cheap Hispanic labor, blur the distinctions between Euro and Hispanic Americans, and create the North American Union (economic bloc consisting of U.S, Mexico, and Canada). The poor souls caught up in the raids are just pawns in the game.

4 04 2008

My pets did nothing illegal. But, since you asked, are you comparing human beings to animals?

Animals have no choice. They are what they are. Animals are incapable of doing anything illegal.

Whereas human beings have choices. They are gifted with a BRAIN AND CONSCIENCE — a.k.a. MORALS. So if they choose to enter the US illegally (read: immoral), well, so be it. That is their conscious HUMAN choice. SO, don’t whine and wail when you get caught by ICE.

One thing most people don’t know is that illegals KNOW that what they are doing is wrong. Proof? Just ask them. They KNOW IT. But they try to obfuscate their lawlessness by claiming “I just want to feed my family.”

Fine. Ok. Is that the best they can do? Ok, fine, then let’s just let bank robbers rob all the banks without enforcement. Afterall, some of these bank robbers are robbing banks “to feed their families.” Are you ok with this?

No? Why? Why the double standard? Why is it ok for an illegal to break the law for the sake of feeding his family but it is not ok for a bank robber to do the same? I don’t get it. I thought the LAW WAS THE LAW. I thought the Law was Blind.

You see? That is why ICE is raiding. They are going after LAWBREAKERS. Why is that so hard to comprehend? The LAW IS THE LAW. Follow it or bear the consequences. Under the eyes of Lady Justice, everyone is equal. Yes, even if you did it to “feed your children.”

6 04 2008

Ex, I agree that it is illegal and no, I do not agree with illegal immigration. But there are different levels of crime. Would you give the same punishment to somebody that runs thru a store and steal an apple because they are hungry vs. somebody that robs a jelwery store at gun point because they are lawles and greedy?

My argument refers to inhumane treatment of certain people vs another, and the fact the we may care for pets better than for our fellow human beings.

19 03 2010

Ex_OC this is for u =]
obviously u have no feelings or considerations of what other people are going through. I am a U.S citizen with a Mexican background which I am very proud of. The difference between immigrants coming here to feed their families and someone who robs a bank to feed their family is that the robber can get a job and hopefully get paid on a regular basis and be able to sustain his family with that wage. And unfortunately in Mexico and many other Latin countries the “work” situation is not very good. But maybe if u would actually take the time and get educated on the life that some other human beings have to face, then u might be able to understand why immigrants come to this country. I am very lucky to be able to go to Mexico and come back when ever i please just because i got lucky and i was born in the USA. So… my family and I drive to mexico every december to go visit the family, and as we go through all the different states in mexico, it breaks my heart to see so many families begging on the side of the HIGHWAY. They aren’t begging for money to go get drugs or alcohol like a lot of people do here, all they want is a spare blanket or jacket to cover up from the extreme cold temperatures at night. But of course not everyone runs with the same luck, And because of the way u speak and express yourself i am going to assume that u are legally in the USA. So what if you hadn’t been born in the US, and u were born in Mexico, el Salvador, Guatemala or Nicaragua and your family has NO MONEY, there’s no jobs because u live in a rural area and with what your dad earns working in the farms, you barely can survive with rice and beans???? What if u get extremely sick, you Leukemia and your family has no money….???? Do u think that your parents are just gonna let u die????? OF COURSE NOT!!!!! at least i know that my parents wouldn’t let ME die! SO Then your dad decides he has no other choice but to cross over many borders, go through the desert and almost die from getting bit by a rattle snake, but still manages to cross over to the country where he thinks will give him the opportunity to actually have a reliable job so that he can send you and the rest of your family some money so that u can survive and go through all the chemotherapy and so that you can get your medicine. Meanwhile your dad is living day by day going to work and being treated like a slave. Well, I thought slavery times were over a long time ago????? I don’t think you like watching the show where the animal protective services has to show up at peoples houses and take them to jail for mistreating a pet. So would you enjoy it when you got told that your dad is in jail because he illegally came to the US just to save YOUR life because you’re dying in a hospital bed???? i don’t think so…

It is not a very pleasant experience to be driving on the way to school and shift lanes because there’s cops ahead of you and all the other cars are shifting, but as soon as you see that the person surrounded by the cops is your uncle, then what do you do???? WELL WHAT I DID WAS: turn right back around and try to help out, but guess what happened??? the very RUDE ICE officers told me to go away and that i couldn’t do anything. My uncle is the SWEETEST person that i have ever met, doesn’t mess with anyone, and just kinda lets everything flow. I have always been really helpful to all my family ever since i was a little girl. I was always going with all of them to doctor appointments, insurance companies and many other places to translate. So when my uncle got arrested do you know how horrible i felt for NOT BEING ABLE TO HELP this one time????? well let me tell you that it was horrible!!!!!

The law is the law???? then how come when i was a victim of fraud back in June and i made a police report and i still have NOT gotten any of my money back??? They obviously aren’t doing their job!!! Yes, it is illegal to come here without legal documentation, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do in order to become a better person and help your family….

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