What is up with U.S. women?

18 03 2008

Since I have been here I have hear people talk about women as being selfish, only interested in the money, conniving. I have heard of friends trying to steal their “friend’s” man, and even their sister’s man?!?!?!

I refuse to believe that all of this is true.

I hear talk of the men code; I grew up with a women code. You never get involved with your friend or sister’s boyfriend, husband, significant other… Never!!

I hear people talking about women only interested in how much money the man makes, how good he looks, and how much she can get from him?!?!?!

The worse part is that I hear women saying that. This makes me wonder, is it that there are different value systems, or this is a gross generalization and there is only a few act like that.

It has been difficult for me to make female friends here; the cultural differences have hindered that a lot. I came to the realization that all of my female friends are either foreign born or first generation born here. Some of these friends have expressed a similar concern and also of being difficult making male friends without some assumption that there is going to be sex involved. One friend asked me, ‘do US women sleep with all their friends’?

I have two great friends from cultures that could seem opposite to mine, one is from Korea and one from Japan; but our core values seem to be the same or very similar.

I get teased because I enjoy cooking for my husband, because I love spoiling him by being affectionate. Because I believe he is a man and not my property and therefore can choose to do what he wants and not require my “permission”. I have met women that would only cook for themselves, or wash their own dish, but never their husband’s…

I want your input on this, is it a gross distorted stereotype or is it true?

Men is this true??  Women is this true??




2 responses

18 03 2008

You don’t have a twin sister by any chance do you? I could use a little spoiling, there is gold diggers and cut throats in both genders, neither is in innocent of that.

19 03 2008

U.S. women have been corrupted by cultural Marxist forces, materialism, and anti-spirituality campaigns. For the most part, they are a lost cause. The feminist agenda destroyed the nuclear family by subverting the woman’s complimentary role in the relationship. They were brainwashed to believe that there are no core differences in the sexes. As a result they flocked to the workforce, abandoned their children to day-care, and rejected domestic chores (including loving their man properly). Their pursuit of money and power disrupted the delicate balance of male-female symbiotic union.

I am only speaking in generalities. There are many kind and decent women who have not fell prey to this propaganda. They are the strongest women by far.

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