‘Foot’ball Really?

8 03 2008

Like any other good alien wife, I have tried to understand my husband’s favorite sport. Why is it called football?

In this game the feet seldom touch the ball, most of the time it is carried by hand, thrown, grabbed, and every once in a while it is kicked. Then why is it called football?

I grew up with a game called football, where the ball can only be played with the feet, go figure! The ball can only be handled when it is out of play, and to put it in play. This game is known here as soccer, which I have trouble pronouncing, I hear myself saying sucker…

I did some searching for the history of the game (never underestimate the geekyness) and found that what I know as “American Football” as opposed to “European Football”, was a Canadian sport, that we borrowed and made our own.

Don’t get me wrong I think both games can be kind of boring, unless a really good team is playing. In football or soccer, only when you have great players like Pele, Maradona or Ronaldinho. I believe Beckman is overrated (cute…yes). Or in football when the finals are approaching and usually the Superbowl can be very entertaining.

Can anybody explain to me why is it called football? I need to know, as I explained in an earlier post, there are thinks I need to know to become a ‘real American’; I think this is one of them.




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2 02 2009
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