Let me tell you about my first time

30 01 2008

As I sit here and think about it, I continue to be aprehensive. I have never done this before. Like for any other first time, I wonder, am I going to like this? Will it be warm and comforting, exciting and rewarding or bland and dissatisfying?

I try to ask more questions, how does it feel? “It’s great!” they say, “You have to try it”. But, but, I don’t know if am ready, maybe I should do this another time… “come on, don’t chicken out now!” they say.

My friend brings out the box. It’s a small nox filled with small bags, the bags are filled with a white powder. It has a funny texture, it is not well refined, it is a little coarse.

I have thought about trying it for a while. Do I have too high an expectation that I am going to be disappointed, or is it going to be what I thought and more?

I am still hesitant, first times can be exciting and scary.

When you are doing something that you have never done before, there is always some anticipation and sometimes I wonder if the ballon would be deflated with disappointment.

Sometimes I don’t want to do it, what if I like it too much, and get hooked on it? Am I going to want it everyday? Is it good for me?

I pour it out of the bag and they tell me that I have to add hot water to it, there is no turning back after this.

I add the water and it becomes a thick paste, I try it and it tastes like a special dough I would make for a dish from home. My friend suggests that I add some milk and sugar to it. It is still very bland. It feels to me like it still need cooking or toasting, but the box said “Instant, Cream of Wheat”.

This wasn’t a very satisfying first time…




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