The beauty of winter

26 01 2008


dscn1785.jpg Winter is beautiful, yes it is cold, but there are so many changes that happen dunaturaleza.jpgring winter, that I am always in awe of nature.

I like when it snows, after the roads have been cleaned up, the view is wonderful. I live in an area surrounded by fields, “the boonies” I’ve been told. In the winter, these fields that during the summer are golden by the corn or different shades of green from different crops, turn white, a crisp white a quiet white. You can see for miles, and it all looks so peaceful and clean. The sun rays reflected in that white, like feeding of the energy of the snow.

I usually take back roads to go to work, I could go to the highway, but then what is the fun in that? I get to drive by these wonderful fields and watch the birds huddled together in the power lines. There are some woods along the way, and it is a spectacle to see the snow and ice deposited in the limbs of the naked trees.  

Of course driving on the snow is another story altogether, especially if it is falling. I have had scary experiences when I can’t see a thing, or when my car won’t stop… Or the mess with the slush or the black ice.

dscn1785.jpgdscn1785.jpgI said I wanted the seasons, so I won’t complain; I actually enjoy most of it. The shoveling, the snow blower, snowball wars, sledding, it is just fun.

 It is so nice to sit inside with a warm cup of tea or chocolate watching the snow fall from the warmth of my home and family.





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