Race, what about the people in the middle?

19 01 2008

 The Racial dynamics is this society are fascinating to me. I have taken classes to understand the how, why and the how long.  I have to explain that I come from a culture of mestizos, where we are all a mix of something and we see skin color as a physical characteristic, like height and weight, and not as a racial difference. I know this is difficult to grasp for some people who have lived all their lives with race as first and foremost distinguishing trait of their lives. 

When I moved here I thought racism was a thing of the past, a part of history. Obviously I was very wrong…  I was asked by an African American woman “how do you people segregate yourselves” I just said “we don’t”, why should we? I did not understand. I have learned that in this society you are assigned or you have to choose a faction. I have been assigned that I am Latina, coming from Latinamerica, which was not too farfetched for me. What I did not know is that it came with a set of characteristics and expectations assigned to me, some of which I can’t and will not accept. And thinking about this I wondered, what about those people in the middle. I have met people that come from interracial couples, and often times they are forced to assume only one of their two or more ancestries. I wonder if it is part of our need to categorize the world and put people into classifications with their own set of stereotypes and rules. 

Chappell’s race draft is a great satiric example of this, enjoy!!

The video is above

Why do they have to choose a side? Can anybody tell me that?




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